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L7: You cannot pretend they're dead

On Monday, November 2nd I found out my life-long favorite band, L7, was playing a show on a reunion tour with the original line-up of Donita Sparks, Jennifer Finch, Dee Plakas and Suzi Gardner. 1,177 more words

[Novel] Narcissu

Hanya tempat untuk menghabiskan hidup

Cukup kata-kata diatas saja yang membuatku langsung tertarik dengan novel ini dan memutuskan untuk mencari tahu lebih jauh dan akhirnya membelinya.

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데시벨 명예의 전당 #117 L7 - Bricks are Heavy

우리는 1990년대 초에 헤어메탈을 몰락하게 하고 이른바 그런지 시대를 부상하게 한 것이 무엇인지 상세히 논의할 수 있지만, 한 가지는 부인할 수 없다. 그런지가 주류를 장악한 것은 확실하다.

데시벨 명예의 전당

Mastering Puppets before the Bell Tolls

over-fund education,
save the exceptional portion of the world.

over-fund lockheed martin,
and you’ll never know what you’re missing.

like that one time,
when North Korea launched that ground offensive against us via… 6 more words



This comes down heavy.
Hard, bluesy, grungey, rrriotous, angry, punkish.
With a challenging, critical, edgy, political underline.
And theatrical, these four songs are clearly born to impress on stage. 114 more words


Never Has Control Been So Out Of Control

I couldn’t wake up. Midday happened, one o’clock didn’t. Gone two in the afternoon when I finally prised myself out of bed. Reflected in the kettle, the night before at Cherry’s gig scribbled all over my face, a disturbed child’s drawing showing what the bad lady did to her. 1,119 more words

Show Review - L7 Sells Out Brooklyn's Warsaw

In the 90’s the punk/grunge music explosion was primarily dominated by male fronted bands; however, there were a few female bands who defied the norm and managed to take the scene by storm. 318 more words

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