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Driving PSA

A message for all Los Angelenos: Listen up!

The freeway is not your personal cut-through street.

Do not idly drive 15 miles under the speed limit blocking traffic and causing Frogger-like driving conditions! 116 more words

LA And California

The Salton Sea

Last weekend, Joe and I drove 3.5 hours to the Salton Sea and its surrounding communities. If you want to see a real-life version of… 64 more words

LA And California

The Power of Comedy

My friend John Mark generously invited Sparklepuss (represent!) to Variety’s Power of Comedy charity event benefiting the Noreen Fraser Foundation and honoring Jimmy Kimmel.

I’ve never been to one of these chi-chi events, and it was pretty incredible. 121 more words


Hollywood Drivers. So Hollyweird.

If you see someone whose car is unable to move in the middle of a busy street at midnight, do you:

a. Go around them.  After all, it’s the logical choice, and there is very little traffic. 60 more words

LA And California

...Oh,yeah, Los Angeles

Hey Zeus, I’ve been stuck in 405 traffic for an hour in a jerking cab with no air conditioning. Why do I love LA again?

LA And California

Los Angeles, I'm Yours

A few days away from Los Angeles, and I’m like a homesick kid away at camp. (One who, incidentally, is being eaten to death by mosquitoes.) But despite its faults, the smog, the traffic, the crazies, I simply wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. 42 more words

LA And California