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First impressions - La Candelaria

Our first residency in Bogotá was in the Sayta Hostel in La Candelaria. Our long haired, bearded host, Jon, greeted us at about midnight blurry eyed after we’d just woken him from his slumber. 515 more words


Bogota Bike Tour

Bianca and I decided to take the Bogota Bike Tour to do some sightseeing around the city. The tour started in La Candelaria, where we were equipped with a bike and a helmet. 253 more words

Back to Bogota

After the tour, I headed back to the apartment to get my stuff packed up, and I made a quick trip to the ice cream shop that Franco had recommended on the city tour, because how could I not? 1,186 more words

Valladolid: Fireworks & Cenotes

Valladolid is another colonial city about 3 hours to the east of Merida. In the second class bus ($105 MXN) it can take up to 4 hours as we found out, because they pick up as many people as they can, filling the bus passed capacity. 1,503 more words

Niño Dios "in fashion": Día de La Candelaria

El dos de febrero, día de La Candelaria, es un día especial en el calendario del México católico.

La tradición dice que éste es el día en que el Niño Dios de la representación del nacimiento, debe ser levantado tras haber nacido 40 días antes, el 24 de diciembre, esto en conmemoración a la presentación del Niño Jesús al Templo de Jerusalén. 503 more words


Bogotá - Colombia's Capital

We spent our final days in South America in the capital, Bogotá. We stayed in a nice hostel in barrio La Candelaria, which is know for its street art, performers, museums, and cobbled streets. 177 more words

A walk around Bogota's historic La Candelaria

IT’S not yet properly daytime, the reds and yellows of dawn are still colouring the dark sky, but already there is activity on the narrow, cobbled street in Bogota’s historic La Candelaria area. 874 more words