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Museo Botero & Me

I just spent my last day in Bogota, and got to see many things that I missed last time. I explored Museum Botero, which houses the art collections of Fernando Botero, as well as many other well known artists (Picasso, anyone?). 91 more words


Team Sara(h) is Go!

Sarah R, Sarah G and Sara-Ann were having a 2-week holiday here in Colombia, with about 6 days together with me (yey!). We’d soon be reunited as Team Sara(h) – a very exclusive club, known to cause much hilarity with those we meet along the way! 1,849 more words

Weekend in Bogota

Although Acacías is a beautiful little town, staying in one place for too long leaves you itching to explore, which is why I took the chance to head to Bogota for the weekend. 570 more words


Bogota Street Art - Social Commentary and Indigenous Psychedelia

It’s hard to wrap your head around a new megacity that you’ve just landed in at the best of times, let alone when your body is still adjusting to the altitude, your head is rattling with crime warnings and you’ve already had a run-in with the local police. 732 more words


A Tour of Bogota Through Street Art

The trip to Bogota didn’t quite start off the best. We were delayed in the airport for about 4 hours which cut off one of our days in the city. 443 more words


Bogota, today and tomorrow

Farc, drug cartels, political violence, organized crime, widespread corruption … That’s what we had to remember from Colombia since many years ago. But things have changed in the third economy of Latin America. 1,715 more words


Bogota 2: Enter the Montanans

Sometime during this past summer, our glacier dogsledding camp was drinking beers together in a tent. That was pretty standard affair, living on a large chunk of ice for months at a time leads even the strictest teetotaler to Banquet Beers. 1,088 more words