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LA Confidential not picked up by CBS for full series

One of the more intriguing projects in the pipeline was CBS’s reworking of James Ellroy’s for-the-ages crime novel, LA Confidential.

Already an Oscar-winning film, the series was to be, according to Variety, a “modern take on James Ellroy’s novel — which was the basis of the 1997 feature film. 257 more words


The Book Was Better

That’s the refrain so often uttered when it comes to well-known books that are turned into films. Yet, we know that’s not always true, and there are even times when a film is so good at realizing its vision, that it forever casts a shadow over the book that preceded it. 3,456 more words

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L.A. Confidential the movie—20 years later

For our last post of 2017 we welcome back to the blog James Ellroy aficionado and all-round good guy Jason Carter. Here’s Jason’s bio:

Jason Carter is an unofficial Ellroy scholar with 20-years of Ellrovian tutelage under his belt.

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Best Christmas-Adjacent Movies

You know how the conversation goes: Somebody at some party or other social gathering  this season asks the generally reliable ice-breaker, “What’s your favourite Christmas movie?” Conversation gets flowing, and the usual suspects come up ( 1,880 more words

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The James Proclaims Advent Calendar of Christmas(ish) Films – Door 7

Behind door 7 of The James Proclaims Advent Calendar of Christmas(ish) Films we find the neo-noir crime masterpiece that is LA Confidential.

Released in 1997, it’s hard to believe this movie is twenty years old. 307 more words


20 Years Later: Best Films of 1997

As I mentioned in my earlier post on “The Best Films of 2007” the problem with year-end awards is that there is very little distance between the actual viewing of the film and heralding it one of the best films if not the very best film of the year. 2,907 more words

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Two seconds with Russell Crowe

I watched the remake of 3:10 to Yuma last weekend and really enjoyed it much more than I was expecting to (insert horrible pun about eating crow/Crowe here).   254 more words