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Eurovision's Yet-To-Be Winners: #CYPRUS

Let’s face it, everyone loves a winner. But for all the winners of our illustrious contest, around half of the countries taking part in Eurovision have never taken home the trophy. 660 more words

Eurovision Song Contest

Anti-Valentine Playlist No. 2 - "Lost Cause" - Beck

I try to avoid songs that make me weepy for the Anti-Valentine Playlist, since the entire point is basically to flip off the greeting card holiday and everything for which it stands. 230 more words


Anti-Valentine Playlist No. 4 – “Piss Up a Rope” – Ween

There can’t be an “Anti-Valentine” playlist without including AT LEAST one Ween song. In fact, this isn’t the only song by the band included on the playlist. 166 more words


Anti-Valentine Playlist No. 13 – “Morning Bell” – Radiohead

Continuing the Anti-Valentine Playlist with today’s selection, number 13, “Morning Bell” by Radiohead. There may not be a more blunt and to the point ode to divorce than this track featured on the band’s 2000 release… 174 more words


Anti-Valentine Playlist No. 27 - "Bizarre Love Triangle" - New Order

Hey it’s my abso-fucking-lutely favorite time of year! The week that all of us lowly single lepers get to be reminded by our married or otherwise spoken for friends and co-workers that we are, in fact, not worthy of over priced rose bouquets, annoying mylar balloons or mass-produced boxes of low-grade chocolate and processed sugar. 173 more words


Scratch the Surface | I Should Live in Salt

“Never moving beyond superficial layers is assuring your discontent. Never getting to know someone beyond their epidermis means missing out on the true being that lies beneath the surface. 66 more words