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Time to Nurse the Baby

Breast feeding is the most natural thing in the world. Or so they will tell you when you are blissfully pregnant with your first.  For many of us, it’s not quit as easy as all that.  839 more words


Loving Babies, A Letter to Mothers of Little Ones

Dear Mother of Little Ones,

I want to write to you and tell you some things I have learned over the years. Things I wish had come naturally with the babies as they came. 820 more words


Musings From a New Mom: Part II

We did it!  We made it through our first year as new parents.  Jillian turned the big ONE on Thanksgiving and Brent and I are still marveling at all that has changed since the day we brought her home from the hospital. 2,269 more words


Words from the Wise: Do's & Don'ts of Running a Private Lactation Practice

 Guest Post By Brandy Walters, BBA, IBCLC, RLC   

In private practice, you are vulnerable. You are entering someone else’s home that you’ve never been to before. 981 more words

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Being Enough; Becoming a Mother

Day to day life and interactions can be difficult enough when you’re just married or even single. Life is full of demands. There’s school, work, cleaning, self-care, familial obligations, student loans, volunteering, pets, friends, etc.   530 more words

Life Lately

Cloth diapers - Now What?

Cloth or disposable? It seems like an easy question, right?

I never intended to cloth diaper. My husband was actually the first person to ask “cloth or disposables”? 462 more words


Words from the Wise: The nitty gritty of starting your own private lactation practice

 Guest Post By Brandy Walters, BBA, IBCLC   

I want to begin by giving a ton of credit to La Leche League (LLL). La Leche League is the gold standard in breastfeeding peer support groups much like a specialist achieving the IBCLC credentials is the gold standard of lactation support. 1,066 more words

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