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from first latch to last latch; a breastfeeding tale of tongue ties, nursing strikes and a lactation angel

Its taken me 3 attempts to write this post as I am still suffering a disproportionate amount of Mum Guilt over my breastfeeding story.  Every time I put finger to keyboard, I winced and busied myself with something else, such as hoovering my fake lawn, cleaning out my fridge, unpacking my post pregnancy clothes and other such menial tasks. 3,087 more words

The milk bar

Our code word for nursing is ‘the milk bar’. Chris will ask me when he is about to give me Aviana for a feed “Is the milk bar open??” . 1,026 more words


Is Breastfeeding Natural?

(This is me breastfeeding (it isn’t))

Of course it is but the whole question of what is natural can cause a lot of damage when discussing breastfeeding. 786 more words

What are you wearing today?

More than twenty years ago my boys were babies, and I was a La Leche League leader, helping other women to breastfeed.  LLL is an organization with good intentions, but some of their values I couldn’t align with, for example, their insistence on the heterosexual couple as the sine qua non. 677 more words

Personal Essay

Surrender to the Serenity in Simple

Milk Monday
Milk Moment from Sacred Milk:

Surrender to the Serenity in Simple:
Today as parents, companies market that we NEED so many products and gadgets to care for our new babies. 304 more words


Pregnancy Week Thirty-One and Breastfeeding (PLUS Midwife Reprimand Follow-up)

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Pregnancy In Weeks

Elephant Man Comes Out

Another hot dream. I woke in a sweat. My chest felt sticky, my erection painful. Sal’s big body had crowded me all night. Sometimes her broad back against me felt like a dam pinning my pent-up life force. 3,281 more words

First Person