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Breastfeeding Beyond Toddlerhood: Why Support Matters

From my experience supporting breastfeeding mothers, many do not set out to breastfeed beyond toddlerhood. While these mothers know they are doing what they feel is right for their families, each of them struggled at points with personal expectations, outside pressure to wean, and doubt about whether to set limits with their child. 798 more words


#15: When Breastfeeding Goes Bad

Thus far, I’ve parented for 37 months and breastfed for 21 of those. Not bad, considering my less than impressive rack (debunked myth number one – small boobs can feed just as well as big hooters). 911 more words

Icebreakers And Introductions

Live, Love, Latch! event

La Leche League of Madison Area Chapter
Breastfeeding Coalition of South Central Wisconsin

are co-hosting a family potluck picnic for World Breastfeeding Week!

August 4th, 2016, 5-8pm, at… 96 more words

La Leche League

The black mothers stigma

As a mother and aspiring birth educator, I feel pretty strongly about breastfeeding. Although growing up I never saw an example of a mother adamant about breastfeeding. 1,263 more words

My Breastfeeding Experience So Far

In the UK, breastfeeding is highly encouraged. NCT, NHS midwives, and health visitors are very pro-breastfeeding (almost to a fault). This was great for me, because I really wanted to successfully breastfeed my daughter, and thankfully all the knowledge, support, and help paid off. 558 more words


Becoming a Mother

Along with the birth of a baby comes the birth of a mother – you will learn together.
How many of us, before becoming mothers ourselves, have looked upon a screaming child at the grocery store and sworn, with misguided certainty, that it would never happen to us. 1,109 more words


La Leche League Photoshoot

It’s set! I’m excited to announce the second breastfeeding photo shoot for La Leche League of Brunswick County. It’s scheduled for Saturday, April 30th and Wednesday, May 4th. 130 more words