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What the heck, boss?

I’m still shocked. I’m in disbelief. I can’t believe the American people voted for Donald Trump as their leader. This whole time I thought it was a joke. 614 more words

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The Los Angeles Vortex

Los Angeles is a weird place.  Beautiful, but weird.

The weather is always warm.  There’s a breeze, but it’s rarely windy.  It’s sunny every day.  It hardly ever rains.  641 more words


Questions I Have for Los Angeles

Why don’t people here recycle?  If you’re going to pretend to care about the environment, you need to at least recycle.

Why do you put “the” before every freeway number?  326 more words


Running These Days

Since Long Beach I’ve decreased my mileage significantly. It feels weird to come home and run maybe 3-4 miles, or none at all. When you live in sunny LA and you love to be outdoors it can be tempting to just keep training.  461 more words


And now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

Crazy how one day I’m running a sub-3 marathon…

And the next day it’s back to this…

I love it though :) That’s our future astronaut presenting his solor system model he made just for fun. 318 more words

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Ten Photos

Ahh! October :) Most educators cringe when you say October, but I’ve been ready for it. Ever since we got back from Paris it’s been GO GO GO.  390 more words

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Ventura Half Marathon Race Review + Our Little School

Before I jump into all things running, I need talk about our beautiful little school. Yesterday we had our first Community Meeting of the year. At this weekly event we invite parents and celebrated one scholar from each homeroom who exemplified our school values over the course of the week. 1,003 more words

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