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La Llorona

Hola mi gente,
I’m so sick the liberal hypocrites who have all of sudden gown a backbone and sense of morality. While neocons like Trump and his henchmen have “alternate facts,” so-called liberals live in an… 980 more words

The day I became a true Colombian myth

I was lying next to my husband in bed when he let out a loud and inopportune giggle.

“Are you okay?” I said, astonished, because I had been on the verge of sleep. 889 more words


La Llorona- A Prelude


Once, in a small village atop a steep gorge, nestled in the deep woods of Guatemala, lived a woman so beautiful that she was thought to be the direct descendant of a goddess. 1,112 more words


La Llorona

I have always been familiar with La Llorona. I vaguely recall my Abuelita telling me a spooky story about the woman who wails for her children, and that no child was safe from her deathly search unless they were well behaved and stayed inside after dark. 368 more words

Chavela Vargas

If you’re going to suffer, sing about it. This is what Mexican rancheras have taught me.  And no one respected this philosophy more than Chavela Vargas. 577 more words

Frida Kahlo