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La Llorona

I have always been familiar with La Llorona. I vaguely recall my Abuelita telling me a spooky story about the woman who wails for her children, and that no child was safe from her deathly search unless they were well behaved and stayed inside after dark. 368 more words

Chavela Vargas

If you’re going to suffer, sing about it. This is what Mexican rancheras have taught me.  And no one respected this philosophy more than Chavela Vargas. 577 more words

Frida Kahlo

Mexican Legends Part One

One thing I’ve noticed is that everywhere you go in Mexico, there are stories. Stories from the Conquista, stories from the Revolution, or even further back from the Prehispanic past. 1,060 more words


Episode 39: She's a Bad Mother--Shut Your Mouth: La Llorona

Mothers are meant to guide, nurture and protect their children. We look to their love as a model for selfless giving and unending devotion. But there are bad Mothers out there. 169 more words


Crypt-ober: The Weeping Woman (Tales from the Cryptkeeper)

There are all types of ghost stories all around the world: restless spirits, possessive poltergeists, wandering spooks, the list goes on. Most of the stories are intended to terrify the listeners. 561 more words