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La Luna: A look at Fatherhood and the Magical of the Every Day.

This post is about the pixar short La Luna which can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1NsKokhM4EY

If my analysis of The Blue Umbrella was a rant then this one could be better described as a gush; La Luna surpasses my expectation as a favorite short and is just one of my all time favorite films; indeed coming before Brave it represents for me the point at which the shorts started surpassing Pixar’s films in terms of quality. 438 more words

Playlist - La Luna🌙

快四月了波士顿还在下雪 昨天和善解人意超级self-disciplined的ホウさん过了个舒心的周末 窝在床上听音乐写东西 点寿司吃韩国料理 路边等T聊了好久好久 一起去whole food跟我介绍各种好吃的 可爱地想吃冰淇淋看了卡路里纠结半天又没买 知道她经常从家跑步到whole food甚至跑到Hmart我都惊呆了 怪不得瘦成了牙签这么有毅力 小小的身体里有巨大的能量

安静却不悲伤的歌单 La Luna「我把生命留给了时间 灵魂只给了你」

🎶 In case you can’t access Xiami 🎶 152 more words


No me olvido de la luna.!!

I didn’t forget about the moon last week. Here it is in all it’s lovely glory from last week.! Plus a poem from me :) Enjoy… 46 more words


Beginnings 1995

A scrap book page of a project I was a dramaturg on – ‘Beginnings.’ I researched the stories and supported Kaela in the development of the overall structure of the show. 258 more words

Creatives Tribe

Quick Tip #3- "La Luna" by Pixar (Shortfilm)

Do you share my love on shortfilms? I am always eager to discover new ones on YouTube, but this one is one of my favourites. I’d love it, if you’d leave a comment on what you are thinking about this one :) 30 more words


Arty book reviews: Paper Cut by Owen Gildersleeve, The Art and Flair of Mary Blair, and Once Upon an Alphabet by Oliver Jeffers.

I received quite a few books for Christmas this year which I was more than please with, so if you’re looking for for a trio of arty books I would definitely recommend these three! 966 more words


The New Moon Speaks through Crones

February’s New Moon is the last one of Winter. It whispers important things in the cold darkness and we must listen closely through the frozen ground to the Crone Wisdom she longs to impart. 487 more words

Wisdom Of La Luna