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Visiting Day

When my family came back with me to Barcelona from Florence, I was excited that I was going to be considered the “adult” in the family. 518 more words

To my fellow lunatics....

My name is Aisling and I am a Lunatic!!

“The lunatic, the lover and the poet, are of imagination all compact.”

William Shakespere

Those of you that follow this blog will know having read my posts, 1,270 more words

My Story

When Elliott Smith was brought on-stage at the Academy Awards

“When Elliott Smith was brought on-stage at the Academy Awards, I’m sure I was as surprised and as proud as anyone from the Portland music scene to see him there. 96 more words

Kenric Ashe

I didn’t know what depression was, I didn’t know I lived with it. It just felt like I was always thinking too much and never found the energy to say it all. 128 more words


I lay there, ruffling through the curtains, trying to sleep. I notice, from the little space provided from the parting of my curtain, a bright light illuminating the clouds that have beautifully enveloped the night sky. 141 more words

Every Day

La Luna - Court métrage

Aujourd’hui, c’est d’un court métrage des studios Pixar que j’ai eu envie de vous parler, le très poétique La Luna, de Enrico Casarosa, à regarder… 512 more words

Court Métrage