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(Part 3) Review of La Mafia vs Kumbia All Starz, Texas Shootout...

OK, so we had just seen an awesome 80’s review by La Mafia complete with a wardrobe change by Oscar, so then AB comes back on hitting hard with 3 more songs that had the crowd going, even the La Mafia fans who had been booing were waiving their signs and La Mafia posters in time to AB’s music, so he finishes his 3 songs and asks permission from Oscar to play just one more song, after some back and forth bantering, a round of booing (by the same people who had just been jamming to AB’s music  and Oscar sushing us), Oscar  looked at his watch and said “OK we have a little bit of time left so go ahead”. 449 more words

La Mafia

(Part 2) Review of La Mafia vs Kumbia All Starz, Texas Shootout...

OK now where was I?  

OK so what did AB come up with next….. The return of DJ Kane… the fans were thrilled to see him back with AB’s band.  378 more words

La Mafia

(Part 1) Texas Shootout... La Mafia vs Kumbia All Starz.... and the winner is....

Like I stated in my previous blog the real winners were the fans.  La Mafia was declared the winner but both shows were extremely entertaining,  and totally lived up to the hype.  681 more words

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Listen to a discussion about the "Texas Showdown" between La Mafia and the Kumbia All Starz on KXTN Monday morning (you can listen online)

Monday morning tune in to the Jonny Ramirez in the Morning show to listen to a discussion of what went down at the big showdown in Robstown .  135 more words

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Oscar and AB on TODAY's El Gordo y La Flaca....

The segment recorded during yesterdays “press conference” in San Antonio is going to be aired on today’s show which is on as I am writing this.  13 more words

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