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Celebrate Tempranillo! 2016 Edition

Tempranillo is one of the most popular red grapes in the world, requiring no introduction to the wine lovers, now even less than before. The star grape of Spain, a foundation of the timeless beauty of Rioja, finess of Ribera del Duero and dark raw power of Toro. 283 more words


Ruta De Los Molinos | The Windmill Route

Have you heard about Miguel De Cervantes from the Spanish literature?, maybe you’ve heard about his most famous book: El Quixote?, well let me tell you, I grew up in Cuba and you learn a lot about Miguel De Cervantes and this Quixote (the main character of the story)while in your schools years.  386 more words

Viajando Together

The flight of the Space House

International Space Station flies near Scorpius, Mars, and Saturn on a hot summer night.
Three not-very-wise men wave at it as it passes by.
Its inhabitants didn’t wave back at us.

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Goat Lessons Re-Learned

Warning:  Goats can be addictive.  I’m serious here.

Once you’ve welcomed these capricious creatures to your farm, once you’ve witnessed their silly antics, once you’ve given them head rubs and hugs and hung out with them in a sunny pasture while they lazed around you chewing their cud (or kept trying to squeeze onto your lap)–there’s a good possibility you’ll be hooked for life.  822 more words

La Mancha and Windmills

Our drive from the south coast of England to almost the south coast of Spain involves a journey of 2200km. A long way. We’ve made the trip many times now and are familiar with the route, the best places to stop for a coffee, or to sit and eat some of our mammoth picnic. 420 more words

Chit Chat

Day 13 – Overland to Madrid * Explore Toledo

Travel day…

It is first communion Sunday and our lunch restaurant was hosting 19 lunches starting around 2p.m. 329 more words