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About the art of coffee making, cold drip coffee & Infinity Bakery in Sydney

Paddington is a place not short of great coffee shops, small restaurants using organic produce and artisan bakeries offering their fresh fare. After walking past Infinity Bakery on Oxford Street one afternoon just before they closed we decided not to rush it but come back for a proper meal. 354 more words


About Sydney's diverse neighbourhoods & Greenhouse Coffee Bar

Sydney is an amazing place on so many levels. One thing that amazes me in particular is that city’s neighbourhoods are very different and its fun trying to figure which other parts of the world they resemble. 372 more words


Who is Kees van der Westen?

Factory visit 1/11/2011

A visit to the Dutch equivalent of Santa Claus for good baristas in his hometown of Eindhoven.

First, I have a confession: I initially saw the Kees’ machines as equipment that was style over substance. 2,427 more words

Coffee Industry

Freshly roasted at Raw Coffee Company, Dubai

The prospective coffee connaisseur learns at an early stage that freshly roasted beans are crucial for brewing a great cup of coffee. By fresh we are talking days rather than weeks or months. 427 more words


Official Breakfast and Coffee Bureau

Best known as a perfect breakfast spot in East London, Hackney Bureau lured me in with a screaming espresso machine sound and the smell of Caravan coffee. 349 more words


Papa Marzocco Finds a New Home

Did I ever tell you about the time we bought an extra espresso machine?

Fitz’ step-father likes to say “There is no such thing as extra time. 659 more words

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First Flat White of 2015 @ the Ampersand Hotel

As a treat to the family to end our two week long holiday in London, I decided to take up an offer of two-for-three at a lovely looking boutique hotel in South Kensington called… 393 more words

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