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A Former New Yorker’s Guide to LA’s Public Transit

After living in New York City for close to six years, I had no choice but to become a pro at the riding the subway and buses to get around. 748 more words

Metro Riders Meet Gold Medalists

Every four years, Olympic fever takes over the world. And while Los Angeles and Rio are not geographically close together, citizens in Los Angeles can still experience some Olympic history and fun this year. 276 more words

All LA County

Hypothetically Here Somewhere, Someday

A tram cable traverses The Project Room, a tiny cube tucked behind the main gallery space of Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions. LACE occupies a prominent space on Hollywood Boulevard, a melting pot of tourists and locals from all walks of life, and the perfect location for educating the public about Los Angeles contemporary art. 461 more words

Recent Rail PHOTOS from around the West

Report by Russ Jackson, Photos by various RailPAC Photographers

Some call them “Cabbage Cars,” the former F-40 locomotives that have been turned into cab control cars used on various short distance trains where there is no “wye” to turn the train. 381 more words


Heads Up or Headless

The Los Angeles Metro system has released a gruesome series of public safety videos that should have come with a PG-13 rating. Using stick figures and a stark yellow and black palette, the safety shorts emphasize the importance of basic safety precautions for staying intact while using mass transit. 25 more words


My latest June 2016 Metrolink Adventure with Pictures

By Noel T. Braymer

I left the house in the mid-afternoon and got to the Oceanside Station with about 15 minutes to spare to catch the last afternoon  Metrolink train of the day to Los Angeles. 1,437 more words