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Alexis Diaz. Puerto Rico (Boricua). Muralist.

He was formerly part of La Pandilla with el Jufe (Juan Fernandez Rivera). I say formerly because the Facebook page for La Pandilla has not been updated since 2013, and both artists have completed solo work. 233 more words

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San Juan’s Art Scene Takes to the Streets

Many thanks to Caribbean Media Partners’ Jo Spalburg for bringing this item to our attention. I truly enjoyed this article because it touches upon my favorite aspect of San Juan—and Puerto Rico in general—one can find art in the most unexpected places. 797 more words



What would you call this? Elephantopus? Octophant? I don’t know, but I love this mural by La Pandilla on Hanbury Street in London…


Alexis Díaz New Mural In London

The Puerto Rican artist Alexis Díaz just finished this wonderful piece in Shoreditch, London after a week of work.
The new piece features an elephant-octopus and was created only with the help of tiny brushes and ink… 21 more words


Alexis Díaz Working on New Mural In London

Puerto Rican artist Alexis Díaz from the popular duo La Pandilla is currently in London working on this new piece in Hanbury Str. Unfortunately the piece wasn’t finished yet, but the pictures of this wip say a lot of both the artists skills and extremely detailed  work. 7 more words