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First impressions: Bolivia

The three things I need in my life to be absolutely happy: good people, good chocolate, and good snow. You can tell a lot about a place by being stuck in its airport at the middle of the night, and somehow, on my final layover, La Paz airport delivered the goods. 451 more words

Achumani Market

This past Saturday, Mira was in the process of planning a dinner for the team but finding the right ingredients for Indian and Thai dishes was proving to be a challenge.  151 more words

Life in La Paz

Hi everyone!

I have completely not updated this blog in quite a while! So here we go.

I’ve been living in La Paz now for over six weeks. 1,113 more words

Wool shopping at high altitude in La Paz

Tucked away behind the busy streets of this slightly crazy city, 3700 metres above sea level, is a hidden market packed full of wool.

La Paz is not the easiest city to navigate and is an asthmatic cocktail of pollution and high altitude. 191 more words

South America

Hello again La Paz!

Last Friday night, while Elder Berg and I were doing our planning for the next day, we received a call from the assistants, and I’ve been called to serve as Zone Leader in La Paz!  189 more words

Birds of a feather...

Today I had to say goodbye to two great friends. Even though they were both from the US, we probably never would have met if it were not for our shared homestay in La Paz. 1,410 more words

Homage to South America- Places and People (adiós y hasta luego)

New York on Puerto Rican National Day was a torrid and humid introduction to the Americas. The super modern skytrain briefly awed me,  throngs of flag waving Hispanics on 5th Avenue affirmed and proclaimed the dynamism of the city, while the decrepit subway system horrified me. 610 more words