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Bolivia Minister Killed By Miners

A deputy interior minister has reportedly been killed, after being kidnapped and beaten to death by protesting miners, in Bolivia. 105 more words


Back in Balandra (Feb 21 2016)

It’s a beautiful bay and the manta ray ballet was amazing, but at 7am, it is already windy so we have to go find somewhere else. 707 more words


The Peace (Feb 15 2016)

Big Dog wakes up before me! And it is COMPLETELY fogged in. You can’t see ten feet in front, almost. Still, the locals are out at 7:30, maybe clamming for their breakfast clams. 1,100 more words


Day 83 - Monday 15th August 2016

So yesterday we spent all day travelling, and today we done pretty much the same! Our alarms went off at 03:15 after under three hours sleep, and we had to be up and out by 03:45. 508 more words


Bolivia's Death Road, Hype or Reality?

´This could be the end,
The could be the end…´, wails Kings Of Leon’s Caleb Followill through the van’s trashy speaker right next to me and I decide that yes, it could indeed be the end. 1,272 more words

Latin America Diary

Day 82 - Sunday 14th August 2016

We didn’t have to be out of our room until 13:00 which meant a pretty relaxing morning! We had breakfast, caught up on laundry, showered, packed our backpacks and made our way down to reception around an hour in advance of our bus which left Puno at 14:15. 519 more words


No Man's Land at the Peru/Bolivia border and the world's highest lake

The Bolivia Hop bus company takes it’s safety seriously. As soon as we boarded we were told we must fasten our seat belts as arrival cards for the border were handed out. 549 more words