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Słynna Death Road, czyli droga śmierci, prowadzi z najwyżej położonej na świecie stolicy, La Paz, do niewielkiej miejscowości Coroico w tropikalnych lasach u podnóża gór. 628 more words

Po Polsku

43) LA PAZ CITY (25 September to 13 October 2016)

In this article, you will find random pictures of the the city of La Paz, taken during my long walks. To start with, the view from my hostel room. 233 more words


Salteñas and Salt Flats

There is something magical about traveling; one sets foot in an unknown place with its own cultural and natural wonders, interacting with others who have an oftentimes different way of viewing the world. 1,074 more words

42) LA PAZ, FIRST STEPS IN BOLIVIA (25 September to 13 October 2016)

Bolivia’s history is similar to Peru’s. It was also part of the Inca Empire when the Spanish conquered South America, in the 16th century. The country declared its independence in 1825, officially recognised in 1847. 419 more words


Letter from La Paz

My senior year of high school I used to frequent an all-ages jazz club in New York called Small´s. My friends and I would spend the night there, usually sleeping right through the early morning set. 901 more words

On love pt. I

A few months ago I had a bad sort of Saturday night. My plans had fallen through and I found myself at home, trying to decide if it was worth it to get dressed up and go to a show by myself. 2,103 more words


On the Chuflay

What’s a Chuflay? To me, it’s a relatively cheap way to get buzzed at a Bolivian boliche (bar). It’s pretty basic, just singani, ginger ale, and lime. 477 more words