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First Friday Spokane - November 2015

This past Friday marked my first foray out into the world of First Friday.

Sam White (pictured in the middle of the group below) at the… 111 more words

Article 5: Are You Going To Scarborough Fair? (Part II)

PART TWO of my Article 5 Commentary. Part One is here: https://racheliliffe.wordpress.com/2015/05/28/article-5-are-you-going-to-scarborough-fair-part-i/

Chapter Nine

Half way through!

Chase believes the ratter-outer to be a guy called Tucker Morris, one of the arrester-Embers from Chapter One who she scratched in the face. 2,162 more words


Article 5: Are You Going To Scarborough Fair? (Part I)


Condensed Goodreads review here: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/739076460

Dystopia, and about time too! I’d come across this one on the lists of several I follow, and a brief overview of some of the shelves it’s been put on marked it as a potential winner! 2,477 more words


A Beautiful Dark: 'Of Course We Have Powers!' (Part II)


Chapter Nineteen

Half-way mark! That’s super-exciting!

Let’s have another recap: two winged boys from opposite sides of a paranormal conflict showed up to stalk a girl whose eyes changed colour, and was a child of both sides. 2,440 more words


A Beautiful Dark: 'Of Course We Have Powers!' (Part I)


This one was another ‘suggested read’ (this time by Goodreads), for those who enjoyed ‘Starcrossed’, and one read of the blurb let me know it would be a good one! 2,459 more words


Trope-a-Day: La RĂ©sistance

La RĂ©sistance: The Resolutionist Faction (your local name may vary; it’s not like they can agree on one) are a loose coalition of hundreds, if not thousands, of separate groups, struggling valiantly against the lack of tyranny imposed by the Empire and, to a lesser extent, the Accord of Galactic Polities. 239 more words