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Book Review: All Involved

All Involved, by Ryan Gatiss, hits the reader with a metaphorical punch to the gut. It is raw and bloody, ambushing the senses with its evocation of how little life is valued in gangland LA. 475 more words

Book Review


Told during the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles in 1992 this powerful novel tells a different type of crime story. Rather than focusing on the riots themselves and the cause of them Gattis instead looks at what happens in the rest of LA when the police’s attention is focused elsewhere. 269 more words


All Involved by Ryan Gattis

…this whole entire scene says the same to me as it says to every other knucklehead who ever thought bad thoughts across this whole city: now’s your fucking day, homie.

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Today Marks the 23rd Anniversary Of The 1992 L.A. Riots; April 29th thru May 4th

Civil unrest is as American as apple pie. From the Tea Party to Civil Rights Movement in this country, right or wrong –  Americans have fought for their rights. 50 more words

; Rodney King

"Enough is Enough": LA residents respond to LAPD's new police tactics

There may be hope for a healthier relationship between LAPD and the Los Angeles Community.

Monday morning, LAPD announced the department was on Blue Alert due to the death of an African American male in Baltimore who died from a police beating. 1,460 more words

Los Angeles

I want to understand what leads people to violence

April 29, 1992

I watched the “Rodney King Riots” develop on TV from my hospital room the day after giving birth to the Boy.  I was nervous for my child because the riots were a mere 60 miles away and seemed to be growing.   949 more words

Baltimore Riots

27) April Fools

April 1, 1992

I was at home. The pregnancy test was positive and all I could think about was my father. He told me he’d disown me if I ever got pregnant, as if somehow he knew about my nightly excursions. 588 more words

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