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World's most dangerous road - Yungas Road; Bolivia

This was the most thrilling (as in fear-for-death-and-thankful-that-you-are-alive thrilling not as in so-much-fun-and-happiness  thing we’ve done all trip – we signed up for the world’s most dangerous ride with Gravity in La Paz. 459 more words

only in bolivia

Only in Bolivia will you find a city wedged in mountains,
crevassed in a valley,
billowing smoke from every street
onto a hubbub of bustling people. 1,806 more words


Post Expedition News

It is hard to believe that it has been over a month since I was in Antarctica with the 29 other Antarctic Youth Ambassadors.

I found it really difficult post the expedition to gather my thoughts about what I had seen and witnessed in Antarctic and the way my role moving forward is going to help protect the continent. 574 more words

2013 Expedition

The Green Path

The night sky out here in the valley is so bright and rivals the beauty and pureness of the night sky in Antarctica.

When the clouds are not blocking our view I could just look up and stare for hours at the milky way, trying to locate the southern cross and wishing I knew how to read the stars. 511 more words


Los Monos Territory

Walking down a pathway overgrown with trees, vines and bushes is an eerie feeling. You are on full alert constantly scanning the trees and surrounds for any sign of noise or life. 859 more words


La Sende Verde: First thoughts

A crash echo’s across the clearing as the three tops shake and the nearby birds shriek in unison. A black spider monkey drops down from amongst the trees and starts walking slowly towards me. 562 more words