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Latest update: new job and feeling homesick

Woop woop! I’ve just scored myself a new job teaching English at a Grand Ecole! This deserves a big pat on the back as the Grand Ecoles (of which there are several different types) aren’t just your average university. 1,367 more words

La Vie Francaise

The colours of Autumn

As we have travelled through France we have all been aware how dramatically the landscape and architecture changes within very short distances ….now we are all aware just how quickly the season is turning from summer to Autumn …reflected especially in the produce for sale in the markets that we have visited. 90 more words

History And Culture

We took the road less travelled and look what we found….

In the distance we saw an old chateau with a village below it – being lunch time and hungry we left the main highway and  headed across ploughed fields on one lane roads; winding past farmers houses we ended up in what appeared to be a sleeping village.   100 more words

History And Culture

gender equality in France; the flag; cultural diversity in France; being a waka-blonde in France; western superiority + decolonisation

I’ve been meaning to write about a whole range of things recently but I never seem to find myself with the time to just sit down and go for it.   3,660 more words

La Vie Francaise

It's time to move on, CAF

It’s time to move on.

I’m sorry that you have to find out like this. Again.

But you never pick up when I call. And I swore I’d never return to the place we once called our own, not even after all this time. 604 more words


Its actually kinda crazy to consider that my blog has been about for 2 years now…..wooah!

On top of my blog being in existence for 2 years, in a couple of weeks time I will have been living in France for the same amount of time.   1,664 more words

La Vie Francaise

Keep calm and carry on (as long as jesuischarlie.... otherwise keep quiet)

I’m quite fed up with the hypocrisy around this idea of freedom of expression.  I’m not going to go much into my own thoughts on the freedom of expression, I’ve already done that in my last blog “what a fuss about an omelette”, but I’m frustrated with the blatant hypocrisy that has been displayed in the week following the jesuischarlie march. 1,065 more words

La Vie Francaise