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Why Americans See Racism Where The French See No Problem

Original article written by David Berreby and retrieved from Big Think, 15 June 2016, from http://bigthink.com/Mind-Matters/why-americans-see-racism-where-the-french-see-no-problem utm_campaign=Echobox&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook#link_time=1466004554.

“In some ways the United States and France are unusually similar nations—still enchanted with their 18th century revolutions, eager to export their ideals (via pamphlets, speeches, language schools, paratroopers, whatever it takes) so that others may live as they do. 1,022 more words

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Walking between two worlds :-)

As always, its been some time since I’ve written a post… and I’m sure the intervals are going to become much, much longer as the hubby and I are having a baby in September this year :-D… 651 more words

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Je suis Kiwi

Wow, its been a while since i’ve written a blogpost – woopsy!  Oh well, I’ll hopefully try to blog a bit more regularly in the near future. 621 more words

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Garlic…gold from the earth

Planted on the shortest day of the year…a bleak  Autumn day in June and harvested on longest day of the year …a warm Summer’s day a few days before Christmas. 264 more words

culture shock

Its timely that I’m currently teaching a module on Cross Cultural Communications. A couple of weeks back I spoke briefly about culture shock, and thanks to this, I recognise that I am going through this process right now. 1,187 more words

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Sacre bleu..... or not?!

Since our last Cafe Citoyen discussion, I’m more confused than ever before about French culture.

Thanks to the Rugby World Cup, the spotlight has shone on the All Blacks over the last 6 weeks. 1,392 more words

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Latest update: new job and feeling homesick

Woop woop! I’ve just scored myself a new job teaching English at a Grand Ecole! This deserves a big pat on the back as the Grand Ecoles (of which there are several different types) aren’t just your average university. 1,368 more words

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