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Last weekend was the PCC’s(Pacific Coast Championships) for High school sailing. The event was held by Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club in L.A. The event is organized by PCISA and is the overall championships for all the west coast high school teams sailing CFJ’s. 375 more words


Interview: The "portrait" of life of Rhett Wellington

In the entertainment business, when you can sing, model and act it’s called a triple threat but if you are mutli-talented and have more skills than the average then it’s called Rhett Wellington. 853 more words


L.A. State Historic Park Grand Has Re-Opened

Angels Knoll Park – LA, California (Photo Credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Although the heat was intense, so were the performers and speakers for the re-opening of the Los Angeles State Historic Park. 9 more words

Brain Bagz: Reviving Rockabilly in SLC

Salt Lake City isn’t best known for it’s music and arts scene. The truth is, people recognize Salt Lake for the massive mormon temple billowing over the bleak, small downtown; not so much for it’s bubbling underground sub-culture. 924 more words


Roommate Tag

I’m currently in the process of moving back to Phoenix from LA (with a quick stop over in San Diego!), so this is a brief, but important post. 113 more words