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Training and Information Management in the Undergraduate Research Laboratory

In this post, Dr. Roger Rowlett convinces undergraduate research PIs to devote some time and energy to information management in the laboratory. Good training an information management practices can make your research laboratory more efficient and productive, and can empower your students to become increasingly self-sufficient. 1,161 more words

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Running a Research Program: Manage, But Don't Overmanage

In this week’s blog post, Dr. Sunghee Lee writes about how she manages to motivate and maintain a laboratory full of fourteen excited undergraduate researchers! 1,391 more words

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Mentoring Undergraduates in Chemistry: Investment and Reward

Working with undergraduates on research projects provides unique opportunities for collaboration and publications. As faculty, we enjoy exchanging ideas with intelligent and motivated students – we are training a new generation of scholars and practitioners!  1,241 more words

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Research at a Liberal Arts College: Make Sure You have a Net for Your High Wire Act

In this post, Dr. Mark Marshall provides keen insight on how to balance the demands of research with undergraduates at a small, liberal arts college which demands excellence in teaching and research.  1,584 more words

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The scariest part of PBL: Build Days (with the Solar Oven example)

I was anxious about this departure from the more directed labs I’ve done in the past. Kids running rampant with spray paint, box cutters, glue and cardboard. 529 more words

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TFS 2015 Test Agent has not been configured. Run the Test Agent Configuration Tool to configure the test agent.


At the time of writing if you are using Lab Management with TFS, and you have upgraded to 2015, you should keep using the Test Controller and Agents for 2013. 311 more words

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Using MTM Configurations with Lab Management


I was with a client, and they asked the entirely reasonable question, “How do we use the MTM test configuration to execute tests on a specific machine in our Lab environment”. 515 more words

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