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8 Habits of Great Laboratory Technicians

A great laboratory technician is often key to success to great laboratory management. Irrespective of the type of laboratory environment, great technicians adapt and take on a few common habits that facilitate laboratory based scientific investigations in the best way possible.   559 more words

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How to Read a Meniscus in Chemistry

Liquids are difficult to measure with the naked eye due to surface tensions causing a meniscus to form on the circumference of the measuring object. In this article, you will learn what a meniscus is, why it forms and how you can accurately and precisely measure the volume of a liquid in laboratory graduated measuring glassware or plasticware. 323 more words

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Having a weekly plan

Critical to sticking to a project plan and setting your research pace is knowing what needs to get done day by day.

A weekly plan can include any level of detail that is appropriate, but the plan must leave space for errors and distractions. 104 more words

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"Make it Happen" - a summer research story

CUR Chem is bringing you real life stories from the trenches of summer research with undergraduates. This week we peek into the Kalyani research lab an St. 933 more words


Being precise

In many fields we can get away with using a wide range of words that are semantically close to each other, we rely on others getting ‘the vibe of the thing’ as we communicate. 110 more words

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Rules to live (and research) by...

In case  you missed it, you don’t want to start your summer research without the wisdom of Dr. Tom Goodwin – a luminary in the field of undergraduate research. 723 more words

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Disposal of dangerous goods in Australia.

Disposal of dangerous goods is a key concern when managing a laboratory. Dangerous goods are classified as substances, mixtures, or any object which may be corrosive, flammable, explosive, toxic or oxidising and due to these properties they become an immediate risk to people, property and the environment. 1,042 more words

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