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TFS 2015 Test Agent has not been configured. Run the Test Agent Configuration Tool to configure the test agent.


At the time of writing if you are using Lab Management with TFS, and you have upgraded to 2015, you should keep using the Test Controller and Agents for 2013. 308 more words

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Using MTM Configurations with Lab Management


I was with a client, and they asked the entirely reasonable question, “How do we use the MTM test configuration to execute tests on a specific machine in our Lab environment”. 515 more words

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Incentivising open data & reproducible research through pre-publication private access to NGS data at EBI

Yesterday Ewan Birney posted a series of tweets expressing surprise that more people don’t take advantage of ENA’s programmatic access to submit and store next-generation sequencing (NGS) data to EBI, that I tried to… 1,071 more words

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Management: Progressive Discipline

OK, the final topic from my management course that was new to me was Progressive Discipline. I am sure my friends in industry and the private sector will scoff and laugh at my ignorance, but I had no idea what this was. 978 more words


Management: Documentation

My management course is now officially over. I feel that I learned a lot. I think I will actually be a better manager. That doesn’t mean I am terrible now, or that I will be perfect later, but I have gained the knowledge of several specific activities/actions that I can do to be a better manager. 669 more words


Management: Difficult Convos

One of the most important and difficult things about being the boss is that you have to tell people things they might not like to hear. 1,712 more words

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Manage OS X Firewall with Puppet

With the help of glarizza’s module, Property_List_Key, I’m testing managing OS X plist with Puppet. This turns the built-in firewall on and ensures it stays on. 62 more words

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