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Lab: Density

Before class preparation

  • Read and Print this document

  • Complete the Scientific Inquiry quiz in Google Classroom
  • Predict and Explain your hypothesis on the¬†document
  • Design a table to record your observations according to instructions in the document…

  • 59 more words

Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration: Weekly Reflection 2/5/18

We kicked off this week in biology with a test on cellular respiration, which I did actually okay on if I do say so myself. After that we proceeded to do a pre-lab on Tuesday and then Wednesday we did the second part of that lab.  382 more words

Puppy Pal Pictures

For the Puppy Pals home page we decided to change the header to something more custom that will represent our image and content strongly. In our header we have a strong, healthy chocolate lab out in a field to represent the freedom and joy we want to supply our puppies with. 520 more words


Core Course Week: Day 4

Niels Bohr Institute & Greenhouse Gas Lab Activity

Compared to all the activities packed into the last three days, day 4 of core course week… 365 more words


Mayra and her dream boy..Part 1


Today let me introduce “Mayra” to you all.

An energetic and enthusiastic girl, away from the world but into the world. An adaptive girl who has the quality to adapt to the nature and the external environment and make everyone happy, and this is the reason of her getting into problems sometimes. 647 more words


Los Alamos, NM - The Secret City

This week we have been parked in front of Jesse’s cousin Steph’s house in Los Alamos, New Mexico. The backyard in their house is literally a million foot canyon. 448 more words