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Answering Machine Tapes, Old Synths and “Rock, Rot & Rule”: The World of Flannelgraph Records

Don Muro.

Go out for coffee with Jared Cheek, the founder of Bloomington, Indiana-based Flannelgraph Records, and his label’s overall aesthetic will quickly snap into focus. 1,758 more words

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Death Is Not The End Unearths Lost Gospel and Blues Treasures

Luke Owen

These days, it’s not hard to make anything old sound new again. With digital technology leading to greater fidelity in audio recordings, it’s easy to make a dusty, old blues recording sound fresh and new. 1,309 more words

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The La Souterraine Label Keeps French Pop Freaky

“There’s all these great artists and musicians in France, but they’re just never portrayed anywhere, because they’re kind of odd compared to the normality so enforced upon us. 1,752 more words

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Label Profile: Fresh Selects’ Rousing, Soulful Beats

Fresh Selects, the brainchild of Kenny Fresh, is a forward-thinking record label that’s home to a universe of genres. What started as a taste-making blog in 2008 became a record label in 2013, and continues to cement its status as a home for progressive soul and electronic music with each new release.  1,769 more words

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Label Profile: PRAH Recordings

PRAH Recordings artists. From the left: Bryce Hackford, Oliver Coates, Tim Etchells & Aisha Orazbayeva, Suokas.

It makes sense that the story of PRAH Recordings is steeped in mystery. 2,202 more words

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Wharf Cat Records’ Art-Punk Aesthetic

Doug Warner, Leland Drake, and Trip Warner.

The first thing you’ll notice when you walk into Wharf Cat Records’ office in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY is that it feels like a home. 961 more words

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Rice is Nice and Sydney's Eclectic Indie Scene

Rice is Nice

The story of Sydney, Australia label Rice is Nice begins simply, just like the stories of a lot of small labels: its two founders—Julia Wilson and Ben Shackleton—launched the company in 2008 after spending years working in other parts of the music industry. 893 more words

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