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Narrowards: label profile (Bentong, Pahang, Malaysia)

NARROWARDS is a Black/Death metal label from Bentong and Pahang, Malaysia.

It’s a boutique-style label focusing on limited edition tape releases with some twist in the presentation. 176 more words


Old Temple: label profile (Grudziadz, Poland)

OLD TEMPLE is a label from Grudziadz, Poland that is ran by Eryk.

They have been active since 2003 covering Black metal, Death metal and Ôld School music. 59 more words


Cvlminis: label profile (Moscow, Russia)

Cvlminis is one of the first labels that I got in contact with. Since this blog inception they have been providing us with lots of interesting bands that were interviewed here, including the likes of About Abortions, Fallen Voices, Nero Balurme and more. 103 more words


Acephale Winter Productions: Label profile (Berkeley, USA)

Forward thinking black metal and black metal related sub-genres such as dark ambient and black noise.

Unique, forward thinking 21st century black metal, blacknoise, blackgaze, blackened doom, and dark ambient that isn’t disgustingly over-produced. 277 more words


Label Profile: Top Cats


 We’ve invited Top Cats to kick off a new feature, label profile. Here you can find out what some your favorite labels and collectives have been up to recently, along with what they’ve got in store for the future. 602 more words

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