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Overall Wellness vs. Cancer- Part Four: Food is Medicine

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Today is all about the food we eat.  This post will be a bit longer than the others in this series as there is much to cover, so thanks for sticking around. 1,219 more words


Breakfast Cereals

How do I choose a suitable breakfast cereal for my child?

Breakfast cereals can provide slow release energy, be a means of increasing a child’s milk intake for healthy bones and teeth, increase fibre and wholegrain intake for good digestive health, and also many provide vitamins and minerals. 413 more words


Hello. My name is_____and I am a Sugar Addict


      You have always been there for me when I needed you the most; long car rides, the fair, holidays, coffee breaks, menstrual cycles, birthdays, movies; need I say more?   407 more words


Overall Wellness vs. Cancer- Part One: Label Reading

Cancer. It’s all around us. I hear about it through people I work with, people around me talking about one of their friends, on FB, strangers that I overhear at a public place… it’s maddening and it’s a heartbreak. 429 more words


Eat artichokes to help protect your liver!

This delicious, fiber-rich vegetable contains silymarin, which has been studied and found to reduce inflammation and growth of tumor cells in the liver.  These studies showed benefits for alcoholic and non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases, liver toxicity due to drugs and chemicals, and increased survival time among patients with alcohol-induced liver cirrhosis.   407 more words

Two Brazil nuts a day may help keep the doctor away!

Brazil nuts contain selenium, a trace mineral essential to health.  Some of selenium’s impressive benefits include:

*Acts as an antioxidant to protect cells from damage. 562 more words

The Cold Truth About Cereal

Despite the decline in millennials consuming cereal, apparently 40 % surveyed said they don’t want to clean the bowl and spoon, (seriously…talk about lazy, and we wonder why American kids are overweight), I believe cereal can be a healthy breakfast option. 457 more words