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SALT: Why it would be healthier for you to throw it over your shoulder

It’s been a while, but I’m back with a new one. Salt is a staple of good health and has been used since time began. Table salt, or sodium chloride (the actual name for it), is largely used as an industrial product. 100 more words


What's Clean from Costco (A LOT)




More Fresh Produce

Frozen Greens

Frozen Fruit



Nuts and Seeds




Bonus Items


A Few Notes

Costco carries a lot of organic items that you will not see on this list such as organic cane sugar and organic vodka. 167 more words


A Round of Applause for Loblaw's

Have you seen the latest Loblaw’s commercial? It features CEO, Mr. Galen Weston, Jr. walking through one of the grocery stores explaining their new program: … 347 more words

Healthy Food

Mythbusting Monday: No Salt at the table is enough

Myth: Avoiding adding salt at the table is the best way to reduce my sodium intake.

Reality: Sodium intake from salt added at the table is only 5% of the average Canadian’s sodium intake. 299 more words

5/15 Rule

Allergy Alert: This Is Why We Read Labels

I was in Whole Foods today, and as I picked up a jar of my go-to almond butter, Justin’s Classic Almond Butter, I noticed something different. 207 more words

Feature Posts

Name that sugar

With Halloween upon us, open season for sugar consumption begins. Though we’re free to eat whatever we want, it turns out that a steady diet of added sugars can have a devastating impact on health and wellness. 236 more words

Health And Nutrition

5 facts about the new Health Star Rating.

Food Labels. They have numbers, lots of numbers, and they have claims too. Contrary to popular belief, labels don’t lie and Food Standards Australia and New Zealand… 734 more words