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News: Dino Sabatini preps next LP 'Omonimo'

Rising Italian producer-DJ Dino Sabatini will be releasing his second album via his own imprint Outis later this Spring (April 8th). A key player in Italy’s rejuvinated techno scene, Sabatini has helped cornerstone the country’s signature sound through his own high-quality label, as well as releases elsewhere on… 202 more words


Community Spirit: West End Communications

Feature piece on Glasgow upstarts West End Communications, with attached interview with label head Kyle WEC.

“Record labels are arguably the most important influence behind the sound and complexion of a local music scene: they provide the songs that we listen to, support the artists who soundtrack our nights out and often, the club nights where we hear these artists play.

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#TDVAclt Teen Domestic Violence Awareness

Teen domestic violence has hit us all in one way or another. Weather its a friend. family relative, or a story being told to us about another persons experience. 60 more words


Merch preview...

Our t-shirts are in! Here’s a sneaky little preview for you, available at events and online very soon!

A small souvenir..

We’re currently missing Amsterdam a lot. Here’s a small souvenir we had customised whilst out there! Wolf Wave In The Dam 8-)

Ten Tombs EP Teaser

Here’s a little teaser for you all!  

Ten Tombs debut EP ‘If You Keep Me, I’m Yours’ out very soon, exclusively under Wolf Wave Collective.

Get excited!

#39 the label hoop

The World is so accepting these days.

When is it gonna appreciate me?

Why isn’t there a social label for my anxiously-happy condition?