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Examine before Labelling

”And I’m a liberal by pure principle”, the twitter activist declares, loud and proud. And a chill runs up my spine.

But what ever for? Surely, I don’t have a problem with the philosophical foundation of liberalism, do I? 376 more words

Sebastian Lindberg

Shipping Labels: Most usable labels in Labelling Industry

In handling the products which pass through multiple channels before they are being placed on the shelves of a retail store, it is important to use Tags & Labels to keep a track of your consignment. 326 more words

POS Hardware Accessories

Gender roles, expectations and LGBT hate is killing of individuality

I’m a cis-woman who identifies as fluid. Say what now? So I was born in a biologically female body. I have boobs and a vagina and I have feminine facial features and a feminine body type. 1,288 more words

A Narc's Narc.

Narcissists. There are a lot of them about. We seem to be talking and reading a lot about the narcissistic amongst us lately so here is my take on it. 2,690 more words