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Another kind of "Sex and the City" - Introduction

I am not Carrie Bradshaw nor do I live in New York and I definitely don’t drink Cosmopolitans and dine in expensive restaurants. But I do have something in common with Carrie. 225 more words


May the Force Never Be With You

Establishing a relationship is like being promoted at work. Common wisdom is that a lot of times when a promotion becomes “official,” you’ve been half-doing the job for a while anyway — it’s a done deal, and no one is surprised. 147 more words


Those Little Labels

I seem to have amassed quite a collection of the little plastic labels that come attached to new plants! 260 more words


Love under scrutiny

True love knows no bounds; it covers no limits. In a way, true love is the closest thing to magic- minus the flying carpet. However, most of the time, true love takes the long route and people follow the shorter easier path instead. 709 more words

How to be PC & Avoid Touchy Subjects

Being PC is all the rage. These days we try not to step on each other’s toes. We know not to say the bad words. We know that we should bleep them out of even our thoughts. 326 more words