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Put a Label on It

When we first got the label maker, I thought we’d officially jumped onto the obsessive-compulsive train for good. Sure, we’d taken rides on that train before: trying to alphabetize our joint CD collection after we’d first moved in together and realized just how many CD’s we had collectively (thank you Apple for figuring out that one for us with the first iPod); trying to color coordinate the clothes in our closet after realizing just how many clothes we had; and don’t get me started on shoes- we both have too many and no real system for keeping them organized. 180 more words


Studying Without Style: Why You Should Kick the Notion of “Learning Styles” to the Curb.

Annastacia Dickerson, Jaiden Allen, Matthew Proctor, Dylan MacMillian
February 23, 2018

“I label myself. Therefore I am.”

People love labels. Labels are the keys for codebreakers, action takers, and decision makers. 1,797 more words


Beer Pick: Three Taverns Lord Grey

For a while now, the Three Taverns tasting room, dubbed The Parlour, has been a place to test out new beers on draft that sometimes later show up on the shelves at retail outlets. 238 more words

Things To Do

If It Says, "Don't," Somebody Did

Dear Aidelem,

If you see a rule, pretty much any rule, and the rules says, “Never do that,” it means someone did. The opposite is true too. 598 more words

Rules Of Thumb

Why we chose not to go “organic”…        

If you’ve been a customer for a while, and you’re reading this, you might be thinking, “wait, what?” But stay with me for this one. First, let’s talk about what is “organic” – and why I keep putting “organic” in quotation marks. 1,087 more words

Random Tidbits

Just Say "Yes!"

My one piece of advice to absolutely anyone is to just say “YES” to every opportunity and then later figure out how you can actually do it. 564 more words