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The Controversy Surrounding "Passing"

Passing is the holy grail for many trans people, the almighty goal that they seek through the trials of transitioning. It is defined by the LGBT Resource Center at the University of Southern California as “successfully being perceived as a member of your preferred gender regardless of actual birth sex”, but the concept of passing is accompanied by controversy. 173 more words



Everywhere I go, I see labels. We humans like to keep things and people inside boxes, “Oh he likes to paint? He shall be called a painter” “You like science! 431 more words

Choose! Choose now!

Life throws many choices in our way. One view of the world is that it is like a many branched pathway, with our every day choices causing us to thread a particular path though this maze of branches, to reach the ever growing tip of the tree of events that is our past. 1,015 more words