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its was so nice to be able to talk to non-POC today about music and when i mentioned i was into nirvana, incubus, and…

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Should Autistic People Be Classified by Wristbands?

Don’t know if you heard about this story, but a police officer attacked an autistic person after mistaking their stim for a probable cause or a symptom of drug use. 64 more words


Give Thanks

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  The time where family and friends gather at the table for a time of mindless eating.  For a moment, we enjoy each other’s company and eat until we can’t eat any more.  330 more words


Deconstructing Discrimination

Written by Interloper 101

Discrimination needn’t be complicated. It could manifest in the simplest of forms, subtle and sudden, taking an unsuspecting recipient by surprise. It could be deceiving even, so much so that if you are not at its receiving end you would never know. 627 more words