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The Tyranny of "Should"

“Why would you want to be restricted by a label?” is a question which apparently is often asked when people identify themselves as autistic. “Why would you even want that?” And indeed, I have lived for over 40 years without such a label. 777 more words


Labels That Did Not Catch On...

“Write a new post in response to (March 20)th’s one-word prompt(LABEL)…”

You see them everywhere each and every day: Labels, on groceries, on shampoo, and on boxes of action figures! 51 more words

Daily Post Prompts

The License Plate

This past weekend we were at a new church due to being on a mini vacation upstate. The pastor was telling a story about how he got to his sermon analogy and he did a flare with his hands and said “Wait for it…(claps his hands) sermon analogy!” and while I cannot relate with the “sermon” bit I do get the “ta-da blog idea!” Little gems tucked within life and I believe it’s my job to bring them on here and tell you how I saw them. 495 more words

The Important Things

Political Labels

In the recent political upheaval, there is much confusion and consternation over political labels. The classical liberals don’t like the progressives, who don’t like the conservatives, who don’t like the libertarians, and then there are the neoliberals who nobody seems to like (or truly understand). 1,095 more words

Classical Liberalism