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Dinner with ze Labmates: Sashimi and Octopus!

A night-out after a symposium.
Exotic dinner with live octopus sashimi.
Around Pusan National University~ 8 more words

South Korea

LfE 25: Swift time


Looks like it really has been a month since I last wrote! And what a busy month it’s been! Various assignments, deadlines, work with project and otherwise, workshops on new software, just so much…of everything has happened! 378 more words


Careful what I say...

originally posted on LabSpaces

I’m seriously planning to get back to my career-focused blogging before tooooo long; I even have an email from a (patient) reader that I’ve been meaning to address. 328 more words


Lab Games - Autoclave Bag Races!

Research can wear down even the most dedicated scientists, and our lab has a grand and mischievous tradition of distracting themselves from the daily grind. Past diversions include Nerf Ball and water gun/syringe fights, rolling-chair bowling (with grad students on board), exploding grapes in the microwave (this one is actually very cool), and, my all-time favorite, foot races to the break room for free food. 280 more words


Voice going, going...

…and it’s gone. I’ve been fighting off this stupid head cold for several days now, scarfing down zinc and vitamin C lozenges. But I’m finally losing the battle. 242 more words



I’m still somewhat new to the blogging world and am so excited to find out about blog carnivals!! The theme for this month’s Scientiae Carnival… 472 more words