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4 famous people who were born in Argentina

If I asked you before to tell me names of famous Argentinians you know would you be able to remember anyone but Maradona only?
These are 4 most famous people who were born in Argentina. 176 more words

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina

7th – 11th December 2106

Buenos Aires marked the first stop of three months travelling through South America. It was a great place to start, meeting heaps of fellow travellers and getting our bearings in a big city. 572 more words

The Hand of God is at it again

La Boca is the barrio (district) where the original settlers landed, but importantly today this is where Boca Juniors play football with their greatest player ever Diego Maradona who was king here when he played. 217 more words


Buenos Dias, Buenos Aires!

My first impression of BeAs? Smelly, dirty, lazy. Right after the national holidays the metro was on strike so I couldnĀ“t get into the city. And the suburb I stayed at reminded me of dodgy neighborhoods in India. 488 more words