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A Message to Providers from Moms: Stop Doubting Us and Listen

First of all, I want to shout out to all the providers who believe in the body of a woman and its incredible ability to give birth. 1,766 more words

Postdates Pregnancy: What Are We Waiting For?

The following is written to outline some points of consideration regarding pregnancies progressing beyond 42 weeks in length.  

Postdates pregnancies are often treated as conditions of absolute risk and result in much intervention. 870 more words



in a shower of
blood and white viscous fluid
the cry of life rings

one chapter of life
is ended; my youth exchanged
for his wellbeing… 18 more words


The Birth of Maeve Cecilia

I think this may be my briefest birth story yet. Lucy’s was certainly short (shockingly so, for a firstborn), and then Magdalena’s dragged on and on. 2,056 more words


What NOT to Say to a Pregnant Woman

It’s astounding to women how quickly pregnancy changes peoples’ interactions with them. Suddenly, all the social boundaries we enjoy seem to be wiped away–personal space? Nope, you’ll have people gravitating toward your baby bump like a planet to the sun, hand extended. 797 more words