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Why I choose to have a doula

When I became pregnant, I thought I had a leg up when it came to birth. I had been studying midwifery for 4 years and knew quite a bit about the physiology of birth and what to expect. 528 more words


Are Women's Birth Sounds Silenced in the Hospital?

Attention birthing women: This will be the hardest work of your life. It will test you on every level. Childbirth education is very helpful, yet there’s no way to know how you will feel physically and emotionally until you’re in it. 1,376 more words


The Birth of Magdalena Clare

I realized that I hadn’t written this story out yet, so I figured I should do so before the details become hazier. I’m doing better than with Lucy’s though, which I didn’t write until she was about publish until she was one, so I’m improving. 1,787 more words


A Birth and A Baby

I didn’t change into scrubs. I wanted my role to be clear- I was there for support, a visitor. My hospital badge was the only tell of my other identity. 887 more words

Welcome to my Birthing Research Alphabet. I promised a while back that I would begin writing out my research for TO on my blog for all to see and thought hey let’s make this motivational and interesting. 737 more words


What to pack in your hospital bag

This is us at the birth center about an hour after our daughter was born.

Weather you’re delivering at a birth center or hospital, any transfer during labor means you’ll want certain items handy so you can grab your bag and go. 489 more words


5 Tips to help you progress in labor

Did you ever begin having contractions, pack your bag, call your parents, get all prepared and psyched up for this birth only to discover that after a few hours the contractions just… 580 more words

Labor And Birth