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US - Who is out of the labor force?

In this analysis, we explore the following questions about the approximately 24 million men and women of prime working age who were not in the labor force in 2016. 207 more words

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At 4.3 Massachusetts unemployment rate now matches the U.S. rate; State loses 200 jobs in July

From the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development:

BOSTON, MA – The state’s total unemployment rate remained at 4.3 percent in July, the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development announced Thursday.

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Labor Supply, How Much More?

Right now we know the labor market is tight. Help Wanted signs and media reports of businesses saying they can’t find enough workers are a daily occurrence. 965 more words


Young American Men Are Choosing Video Games Over Work in Staggering Numbers

New research has found a surprising culprit for the serious decline in working hours among young American men over the last 15 years: video games. 351 more words


Intelligence Quotient as bright ultraviolet data

Stating up front that I am not well informed about intelligence (IQ) testing, its accuracy, reliability, or its predictability of outcomes.   This discussion is from a perspective of a data skeptic classifying different types of data.   2,275 more words

Data Science

Incompleteness of MGTOW or MRM

I’ve watched and read a lot of content from various speakers and critics of men’s movements, in particular those that emphasize the keeping of distance from female relationships.   1,697 more words