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Participation in US - Despite no sustained increase in the observed labor force participation rate in recent years, there has been a significant cyclical increase

After increasing for nearly four decades, the rate of labor force participation for individuals at least 16 years old began to fall in the first decade of the 2000s, from a peak of 67.1 percent in 2000 to 66.0 percent at the start of the 2007–2009 recession. 403 more words

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Saturation employment follows automation

This is a further contemplation of the nature of work in the future of near complete automation of the workforce.   What jobs will people do when all jobs are automated?  3,370 more words

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‘Water Wise Women’ Program Shatters Stereotypes as Female Plumbers Resolve Jordan’s Water Scarcity

Up to 50 percent of water is lost due to leaking pipes, dilapidated pipes and tanks and improper installation and maintenance. In Jordan, a country among the most water poor countries in the world since the income of 600.000 Syrian refugees, such water loss is not ideal. 322 more words

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3 Places the Labor Will Come From

Given that the labor market will remain tight, and the immense response to the New York Times article recapped yesterday, Bloomberg columnist Conor Sen asked: 1,004 more words


Trump trumpets economic performance: questions remain

The stock market is up “very, very big today” and the “tax cuts are really kicking in far beyond what anyone thought,” President Trump said last week, making an illogical cause-and-effect connection between the two. 572 more words


If the US treated women more like Norway it would be $1.6 trillion richer

In the US, the proportion of women participating in the workforce peaked in 2000 and has been drifting lower ever since. As the country tries to figure out ways to boost… 475 more words