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Why are Americans leaving the work force?

Another example of American exceptionalism.

A report by CNN Money indicates that, since the year 2000, the American labor force participation rate—the proportion of working-age Americans with jobs or looking for work—has fallen, while the rate has been increasing in other industrial countries. 265 more words


Sharing economy deprives workers of opportunities of convenience

My motivation for writing this post comes is a gripe I have about the advice to quit unhappy jobs as frequently promoted on job sites like LinkedIn.   2,367 more words

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Participation in US - Looking solely at the falling unemployment rate overstates that recovery

I am pleased to be here today to address an important topic for understanding the health of the labor market and the economy overall: the labor force participation rate, which currently stands at 62.6 percent. 366 more words

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The decline in labor force participation in US - What the Economic Report of the President says

The decline in labor force participation between the fourth quarter of 2007 and the fourth quarter of 2014 can be decomposed into three parts: an aging population, the economic downturn, and a residual that is attribut‐ able to other factors. 101 more words

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US - June 2015 Job Report vs October 1977

So what exactly did the United States look like in October 1977, the last time the labor-participation rate was this low? Obviously the most important question is what Americans were listening to. 340 more words

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US - Some 432,000 people left the workforce

The size of the labor force tanked last month, helping to make for a very mixed June jobs report.

Though payrolls climbed at a healthy clip, some 432,000 people left the workforce, Labor Department data showed. 359 more words

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What America Needs Besides Politicians with Bravado and Cases of Celebrity Justice

Trivia: Which U.S. Statehouse will have a statue of Martin Luther King Jr. on its grounds next year? (Answer below)

Donald Trump thinks he’ll be the best U.S. 389 more words