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October 7, 1897

Der Algemeyner Yidisher Arbeter Bund in Lite, Polyn, un Rusland (The General Union of Jewish Workers in Lithuania, Poland, and Russia), known simply as the Jewish Labor Bund, is founded in Vilna, demanding equal civil rights for Jewish workers and an end to anti-Jewish discrimination.


October 6, 1927

“The Jazz Singer” – this country’s first feature-length sound film – opens in New York City. Within three years, 22,000 theater jobs for musicians who accompanied silent films were lost, while only a few hundred jobs for musicians performing on soundtracks were created by the new technology.


October 4, 1936

An estimated crowd of more than 100,000 trade unionists, anti-fascist activists, and local residents barricade streets leading into London’s East End to stop a march by British fascists. 32 more words


October 3, 1932

State troopers march into Kincaid, Illinois, to guard against a sympathy strike by more than 160 of the town’s 180 high school students, protesting the use by their school of scab-produced coal from the Peabody Coal Company while their fathers are on strike over wages.


Happy Archives Month!

October 1st was Ask an Archivist day on Twitter (#AskAnArchivist). We had multiple people and groups that tweeted questions and comments to us. People asked about alumni at NMU, current projects the Archives is working on, and our favorite photographs of previous strikes in Marquette County. 390 more words

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October 1, 1940

The Pennsylvania Turnpike – the nation’s first long-distance controlled-access highway – opens nearly two years after construction began along the original path of an abandoned South Pennsylvania Railroad project of the 1880s. 28 more words


September 30, 1911

Railroad shopmen in 28 cities strike the Illinois Central Railroad and Harriman lines over management’s refusal to negotiate with a coalition of shop craft unions. Management obtained sweeping injunctions against them and relied on police and armed guards to escort scabs to and from work. The strike ended in 1915.