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Comfort Techniques Handout

I developed this printable handout on labor comfort techniques as a companion to episode 4 of the Transition to Parenthood podcast. Doulas and childbirth educators are welcome to share it with clients! 18 more words

Labor Pain

Pain, pain, go away....

Lots and lots of difficult, tiny notes to concentrate on….

I burnt my hands today.

It was totally stupid–I had nuked up a cup of tea a bit overmuch, and as I was carrying it into the living room, I banged my shin on the woodbin. 812 more words

Everett Doula

Labor Pain

The birthplace

So they say “fake till you make it” and I say “Try till you get it”. They say “the sky is the limit” and I say “Life is eternal, there’s no limits as long as you’re alive”. 301 more words


Pain Medications for Labor

This episode offers an overview of medications for labor pain and childbirth – nitrous oxide, IV opioids, and epidural analgesia. For each it covers how it’s administered, the benefits – how it helps with labor pain, and the possible side effects. 34 more words

Labor Pain

Labor Support

Continuous labor support, which can be provided by a partner or spouse, other family or friends, a professional doula or by medical caregivers has been shown to reduce interventions, improve outcomes, and improve satisfaction with the birth. 98 more words

Labor Pain

Comfort Techniques for Labor

Learn comfort techniques and learn why they work. Cognitive strategies include education, visualization, affirmations, and choosing to view pain as a positive sign of labor progress. 119 more words

Labor Pain

Stages of Labor and the 3R's

An overview of the stages of labor and comfort techniques for the first stage of labor: Early labor, as the cervix moves from 0 to 5 cm dilated is the longest phase of labor, but also the least intense. 137 more words

Labor Pain