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The magic of Doulas

Doula… Ancient greek for a woman who serves. A doula is a birth partner. An advocate. A coach. A woman that tells you to go go go when you say no no no. 245 more words

Labor Pains

Water birthing

How good does it feel to step into a hot shower or hot bath after a long day? All that joint pain just seems to melt away, your skin gets that oh so feel good tingles and all your worries are put on hold for just a moment. 229 more words

Labor Pains

Mind over Matter

We are women- basically we are superhuman. We know there is going to pain, but we go this. We can totally take control of this pain. 499 more words

Labor Pains

Positions Ladies!

Gravity is our friend. We have already done 9 months of work baking the pie in the oven, why do any more? Let gravity help! It’s so easy! 353 more words

Labor Pains

When We Hoped to Share Good News but Turned out Painful

We were once excited for this season to make an announcement that we were expecting a baby but instead these past few months have been relying on God to work through pain and grief. 961 more words


A People of Promise

Jeremiah 33: 14-16; Luke 21: 25-28, 34-36

“Do you think this is the beginning of the end?” I was asked that question earlier this week upon discussions of world events, war, violence here and abroad, issues of climate, and every other issue that seems to plague our conversations and our politics. 949 more words


The Challenge of Childbirth

“She said it felt like she was going to die,” my sister said of me, interjected into a conversation about childbirth with my newlywed sister-in-law as we sat around our mother’s dining room table, casually eating pizza and chicken wings. 869 more words