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What 19 Hours of Natural Labor Felt Like

This is what 19 hours of natural labor felt like for me. When I say natural, I mean drug free. When I say labor, I mean ACTIVE labor – not the mild symptoms before it.

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Don't Kill My Vibe

“You shut me down. You like the control. You speak to me, like I’m a child. Try to hold it, I know the answer. I can shake it off and you feel threatened by me.

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Voice for Radio

They said she had a voice for radio. That her voice had been blessed. And that angels played on the strings of her vocal chords. That her mind had the ability to cough up words from other dimensions that she, danced on the streets of clouds. 134 more words


I did it! (And I'll never do it again!)

After Marta gave birth to Nico, I think I had a post up for you all in two days. This time around, when it was me doing the evacuate-baby-from-body work, it’s taken me close to two weeks. 2,099 more words

Labor Pains

Focus on your Little One and not the Labor Pains!

Jakob is the best thing that’s happened to us this year 2016 despite the challenges that we have been facing right now. He came out of the womb and experience the outside world at 2:45pm on the 16th of January, the day after my mother-in-law’s birthday and on the day my mother celebrated her birthday. 1,386 more words


Delivering a baby... What is right?

I am a first time mother and have considered this question quite so many times when I was nearing the due date that it feels ridiculously old news to me. 642 more words

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