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There's a slow-rolling crisis in trucking labor—and it's costing everyone

“I’m in an industry,” says Phil McRimmon, “That I will never hurt for a job.”

McRimmon’s been a trucker, mostly long-haul, for the more than twenty years since he retired from the Army. 747 more words


Robots In Construction

This is a great article from Inside Unmanned Systems about what is happening right now with robots in construction.

Building Enthusiasm for Construction Robotics

By… 126 more words


Skilled Labor Decline

If you are a frequent reader of this blog, you already know I seem to talk a lot about the lack of skilled labor in the construction industry. 481 more words

Construction Industry

End the Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Two or three decades ago many young Canadians gained valuable work experience thanks to part-time jobs that allowed them enough flexibility to study, work and pay college fees. 341 more words


Omaha: What Happens When There’s a Labor Shortage?

The unemployment rate in Nebraska is now down to 2.9% and even in Omaha, a relatively large metropolitan area of 850,000, it is only 3.2%.  As reported by the… 263 more words

Jack Heidel

There is No Job Shortage – It’s a Training Shortage

Politicians keep shouting “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs” but it should be “Training, Training, Training.” If you talk to just about anyone in business management, the number one challenge they identify is the difficulty in finding and retaining qualified employees. 584 more words


Tech Worker in US - There is a shortage at the price big tech companies want to pay

You may have noticed that the big tech companies are agitating for an expansion of the H1B visa system whereby foreigners with certain tech skills can come and work in the US. 243 more words

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