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Del Mar Birth Center

I am very excited to bring you another Birth Center Project feature. To learn about my project, click here.

Stars align, people’s paths cross, and things happen…for a reason. 2,420 more words


Ayurvedic Medical Center & India's Healthcare System

Photographer Flora Hastings is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this social documentary photography.   To see Flora’s body of work click on any image. 973 more words

Human Condition

SAG-AFTRA Strikes The Video Game Industry

SAG-AFTRA has gone on strike against the video game industry. Just after midnight PT, the union ordered its members to stop working on games until the strike is over. 852 more words

Breaking News

Newly-Named Cardinal Comments on LGBT Church Worker Firings

A U.S. bishop who will be made a cardinal in late November has spoken publicly about the pattern in recent years of LGBT church workers firings. 753 more words


Imagine 100,000 Organizers and 1,000,000 Organizing Discussions


The AFL-CIO plans to send 100,000 volunteers to knock on one million doors for Hillary Clinton in key battleground states, the federation announced Tuesday.

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Just Breath and Curse: A Survivor’s Recount of Natural Childbirth

Giving birth is terrifying. It’s messy, uncomfortable and any shred of dignity you had left when you waddled into labor and delivery is gone as more strangers have seen your vagina and poked at your cervix than you care to divulge. 709 more words

Dat Mom Life..

When Your Friend Miscarries...

If you have read my past several posts on miscarriage (here and here), but haven’t experienced a miscarriage yourself, you may wonder, “How can I help someone who is going through a miscarriage?” Since 1 in 4 women will experience a miscarriage, chances are very high that you know someone (or will eventually know someone) who will go through a miscarriage. 1,028 more words