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Department Of Labor Finds $750,000 Misappropriated From SAG Pension & Health Plans

The U.S. Department of Labor has found that more than $750,000 was misappropriated from the SAG Pension & Health Plans, according to guild sources familiar with the probe. 261 more words

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Deep Reservations About the “Anti-Trump” Movement by Caleb Maupin

by Caleb Maupin
Guest Writer, Dandelion Salad
Caleb Maupin (website)
Caleb Maupin (Facebook Page)
January 20, 2017



Worcester Superintendent To Seek Step Increase In Next Budget

Worcester County’s new superintendent of schools reaffirmed his commitment to ensuring teachers are given the compensation they deserve at this week’s school board meeting.

During Tuesday’s meeting of the Worcester County Board of Education, Superintendent Lou Taylor said teachers would this month be receiving the mid-year step increase approved during the last budget process. 318 more words

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Blogging Around the Town: Labor and Sentience in "Metropolis"

Freder: Your magnificent city, Father – and you the brain of this city – and all of us in the city’s light – – and where are the people, father, whose hands built your city – – – ? 610 more words

DGA Investigating Threats Against Members Working On Trump Inauguration

The Directors Guild is investigating threats against guild members working on the TV coverage of Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremonies. The anonymous threat, sent via email to more than 60 guild members, called Trump “the monster we all fear” and said “there is no need of naming names when the inaugural credits will tell us enough about the people who truly care about this country and those who don’t share the same ideals.” 76 more words

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The Day We Became Parents: Chapter 1

*Scrambling to write this as LG takes a nap. I think for the sake of my writing and trying to update this as often as I can from now on, I’m going to post (when it makes sense) what I am able to finish in one sitting, rather than wait for another day to complete the story. 1,051 more words