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More than ever, employees want a say in how their companies are run

Employees have been unhappy with their employers since the invention of wages 5,000 years ago. While workers have traditionally looked to unions to address their grievances, a new generation is trusting in the power of petitions to force changes. 349 more words

Domino's has already outperformed every tech stock, now robots will deliver its pizzas

Over the last decade, the stock price of Domino’s Pizza has crushed that of Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook mainly because it stopped making pizza that tasted like cardboard. 312 more words

Trump Eviscerates Federal Contracting Rules

Republicans may not be adept at health-care legislation, but they are proving themselves immensely skilled at dismantling labor protections. Using the Congressional Review Act, an obscure legislative tactic that allows Congress to repeal recently enacted regulations with a simple majority and could forbid future administrations from promulgating similar rules, Republicans are rapidly unraveling a series of President Obama’s pro-worker rules that enraged powerful business associations like the U.S. 87 more words