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WGA West Members Reject Longer Terms For Guild Officers

Members of the WGA West have narrowly rejected a proposed amendment to the guild’s constitution that would have allowed their elected leaders to serve longer in office before having to face re-election. 183 more words

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What the hell is going on?

The Australian government seems intent on screwing over all Australian’s who are not of the same mind as the out of touch government. The government released the Federal Budget yesterday and the big winner (notice how I said winner and not winners?) It’s big business who got exactly what they wanted. 244 more words


Briella's Birth Story (part one)

Because there are so many parenting blogs in this world, I hesitated about starting my own. BUT–I remember when I was pregnant, I couldn’t read enough different birth stories from other mommies, so I figured I would add my own to the mix. 1,853 more words


Share the Wealth?

The Third Way? No, the Only Way forward. It’s called peoples’ capitalism, the Ownership Society, employee ownership, inclusive capitalism, etc. (Ironic how Reich has embraced a concept introduced in national politics by George W. 1,131 more words

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The Unknowns

we serve out our time
our life
out here beyond the green woods
sentenced by our own hands
to hard labor
in the wilds of a barren terrain… 29 more words

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Verizon Strikers to Get Paid From $400 Million Union Fund

The nearly 40,000 Verizon workers on strike will start receiving payments this week from a $400 million union fund to offset lost wages and benefits. 522 more words