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Cairns region Labor MP's have no intention of stamping out runaway crime

Cairns is the car stealing capital – 767 stolen in 2017 and 38 cars stolen in March 2018

Nearly 100 Cairns region residents fed up with spiralling juvenile crime, unanimously passed a resolution at a meeting in Woree on Saturday instructing the State Government to immediately implement the renowned Petford Farm Rehabilitation Program. 484 more words

Agenda 2030

There Is More than Meets the Eye for the Sweetest of Sweet Treats

Tl;Dr Spring is a season for celebration, and there is no better way to do so than with donuts; a sentiment that Doughnut Time seems to agree with. 289 more words

Mmm, Donuts

Its time for a guaranteed vacation movement.

I work as a teacher. The job has many difficulties that are various and well-documented. I ended up in this job for lack of a plan after graduating with a B.A. 587 more words


Begin Rant: the deception of Batman

The Batman by-election has made me very uncomfortable. How did Adani and refugees become the defining issues of a by-election – and why are both the leading candidates pretending that the result will affect any kind of change in Government or policy reality? 629 more words

Australian Politics

Developers At One French Game Studio Have Been On Strike For A Month

(Source: kotaku.com)

Image: YouTube

Félix Habert is a game designer and staff representative at Eugen Systems, a small French studio behind several well-received strategy games, including the recent… 1,521 more words


Feeling Threat

The excluded must be resisted or they are no longer excluded. As soon as they are no longer excluded, they no longer must be resisted. Exclusion requires resistance: there is never any relaxed experience of exclusion; it is always a tense position of resistance. 190 more words