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Solidarity ... now

In 45 states, the largest private employer is either Walmart, a university, or a medical services system.

In 13 states, the largest employer is a medical services provider. 295 more words


The beauty of steel and the pride of steel working

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I recently took a tour of a value-added steel fabrication plant in the Portland area that takes raw steel products and welds and shapes them into finished products for buildings, bridges, and other critical infrastructure. 314 more words


Gender and The Division of Labor

A. “A Woman’s Work is Never Done” A complaining and lamenting ballad

  1. The “I” in the song is supposedly a married women.
  2. A song for maidens to warn about married life.
  3. 794 more words

Getting the Shaft: Tips in America

Waiters and waitresses normally work for an hourly rate that is below the federally mandated minimum wage, but are additionally compensated through ‘tips.’ Under a proposed new rule by Trump’s Department of Labor, ‘tips’ would be “pooled” by the restaurant owners and redistributed to other staff. 263 more words

Bennelong by-Election: Race Tightens as both Parties Consider whether China Question will be make-or-break

John Alexander and Kristina Keneally are hurtling down the final stretch in the race for Bennelong, and by-elections don’t come much bigger than this.

The equation is brutally simple:  1,178 more words


What Does Trump Mean by “Make America Great Again”? by Ralph Nader

Dandelion Salad

by Ralph Nader
The Nader Page
December 14, 2017

Donald Trump’s now ubiquitous slogan, “Make America Great Again!”, is often chanted at rallies, but rarely scrutinized in public discourse. 829 more words