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IATSE Offers To Help 'Sausage Party' Animators & Fight "Untenable" VFX Working Conditions

Claiming that “the entire visual effects industry now operates on race-to-the bottom conditions,” IATSE president Matt Loeb has extended “an open invitation to all members of the VFX community to offer assistance.” The offer comes in the wake of this month’s bankruptcy of ARC Productions in Toronto, and allegations that Nitrogen Studios didn’t pay overtime to animators on Sony’s recent release  360 more words


A cartel and its impoverished workers

No, I will not be talking about some Latin American or Middle Eastern operation. Rather, I’ll be briefly discussing major league baseball, specifically its minor league affiliates. 469 more words


Progressives, Unions, and the Monopoly on Labor. 

This article was published on the LibertyRI blog on 8/29/16 and outlines the reasons why progressives aren’t really against monopolies after all.



Kristina Keneally is a bleeding heart for the gay bags!

What unadulterated crap, what unctuous lickspittle drivel from a LBT (lettuce bacon & tomato) supporter, what whinging from a clapped out leftwing Labor loony. Kenneally’s only claim to fame is as the Barangaroo nymph.

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My own "natural birth" misconceptions (and yours, too)

I’m now at that point in my pregnancy (nearly 23 weeks … AHHHH!) where the midwives are asking me to think about what I want for my birth plan. 1,174 more words

Colonial Egypt, the Military, and World War 1

Organized/conscripted labor and construction works have been part and parcel of the Egyptian army’s history and development (as well as other armies’ histories). Military history is often complex and is interspersed with scientific, infrastructural, and technological experimentation and expansion, as well as medical, spatial, embodied, and professional management and disciplining. 180 more words

Fair Pay policy a 'solution in search of a problem'

The Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces executive order gives law-abiding contractors a fair shake at doing business with the government, the Obama administration says, but government contract attorneys say the order not only misses the bulls-eye, but the target doesn’t exist.. 11 more words