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November 27, 1937

The musical revue, “Pins & Needles,” opens on Broadway with a cast of International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union members. The show – a “lighthearted look at young workers in a changing society in the middle of America’s most politically engaged city” – ran on Friday and Saturday nights only, because of the casts’ regular jobs. 6 more words


Sinclair's Dream

Once there was a generation of people who thought that the revolution was right around the corner.

Eugene V. Debs was running for president on the Socialist party ticket.

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Shame, Aussie, shame!

This is not my Australia!

If the Queensland State Labor government allows native title to be extinguished in order to give freehold title to an international mining company , then all the gains made since Mabo will be wiped out in one hit, and our national integrity will never recover. 236 more words

My Soap Box

Human Trafficking, a blurry photograph.

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The Dangerous Inequality Meme

The inequality of wealth and income has become a meme loaded with danger. A “meme” is an idea that gets propagated like genes in biology. Economic inequality has long been a topic of interest, but during the past few years, and especially during the 2015-2016 American elections, the inequality meme has erupted into a major political issue among those who identify as progressive, liberal, and socialist. 1,030 more words