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Is it normal practice for a GP to not go over abnormal test results? I just got the online account for my care provider and looked up past test results and noticed my GFR was 50 (is now 58) and MPV at 8.4. Since 2013, after I had a bout of what GP said was IBS, both numbers have fluctuated a bit, but have been consistently low around the same range. Creatinine levels have been only as high as 1.2. My thyroid has been tested and appears fine. I'm 53 yr old female, 96 lbs and generally active with fitness training. My weight ranged from 103 to 108 up until 2013, and I've always had to watch it. I've been tired to the point of having to nap in between work appointments when time allows, and when I can't, I go to bed exhausted shortly after supper. I also have Lichen Planus in oral, nasal and vaginal areas. I've had pain on the left rib area about 4 inches down from my armpit, which comes and goes, for 2 years and the cephalic vein of my left hand inflames at times and is very painful. Sometimes my left arm from armpit down will go to sleep. I have low back pain with sacral Illiac issues on left side and a bad left shoulder. I'm not diabetic, nor do I have heart issues, and have very low BP. Could this be lupus? Or some other autoimmune disease that caused the CKD? Or a blood vessel disease? Is it possible to go from stage 3 to stage 2? My GP is not responding to inquiries. I know you can't diagnose, but would like your opinion on this.

I am not able to provide a specific diagnosis based on the information that you provide.  I would need to see you and perform a complete history and physical examination.   52 more words

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I am diabetic type 2 with alb/creat ratio of 322.

I will assume that the albumin to creatinine ratio that you describe is in the urine.  Normal is less than 30.  Hence, you may have diabetic damage to your kidney that results in excess albumin in the urine.   9 more words

Kidney-Related Health Questions

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For many years, I have been working in forefront research as mechanical engineer, developing world first products. In the early seventies, I was member of a team, designing and building the world’s first… 67 more words

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