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Real time sonogram performed ruled out gallbladder but I also have had kidney concerns. The doctor emailed me my results and said looks good but I'm concerned after reading results and looking at most recent blood work. The findings are: Liver parenchyma appears normal. There is no intra- extrahepatic biliary dilation. The visualized portions of the aorta and inferior vena cava are unremarkable. The gallbladder, right kidney, spleen, and visualized pancreas appear normal. Prominent left renal column of Bertin hand is incidentally noted. The left kidney is asymmetrically prominent measuring 12.2 cm in length. I'm concerned because I'm part of a very large practice and been to this doctor once a year ago. She ordered lots of blood work and had a different Doctor give me the results who than ordered more because I constantly complain of stomach bloating and extreme fatigue. I also have mentioned I have constant glittery foaming urine and I'm terrible at drinking water because of full sensation in abdomen. I'm 60 years old and was severe anorexic from 18-50 but extremely healthy last 10 years. Was bulimic also from 18-35. My weight is about 103 at 5'4 but heavy in the abdomen area. The new Doctor who gave me the results of the original blood work noted that my Lymphocytes and Hemoglobin were in the low abnormal range. Flagged She than ordered Methylmalonic acid blood test. The results were in the very High range 57, range was 87 to 318 unit: nmol/L Iron/binding normal LDH Reticulocyte count Reticulocyte Count % 1.0 {0.5-2.0} Retic Absolute Count 0.04 {0.02- .010}. I'm worried that I'm being looked over since they don't have time to look over all results and look at the whole picture. I also have the beginning symptoms of neuropathy in my toes and legs and constant cramping of lower legs. Interestingly enough my young 19 year old son is starting to have signs of kidney disease. Thank you so kindly for your time. Sadly when you have a past history of an eating disorder physicians tend to look at every complaint as a mental issue. I rarely have seen a Physician in the last ten years and only go when needed. My last Physician of ten years was amazing but decided to go conciege services which was extremely expensive at $500 month.

I am unable to establish any kidney diagnosis based on the information that you present. The abnormality noted on ultrasound of the left kidney is sound wave phenomenon of the ultrasound technique. 59 more words

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Department puts priority put on Bundy's PFAS results

News Mail Bundaberg Emma Reid 24 April 2018

AUTHORITIES have ordered samples taken from across Bundaberg and sent to a laboratory to be prioritised as they search for the source of PFAS which contaminated a suburb’s water supply. 80 more words

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