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Recently, I have done with my renal function lab test and results are showing that my BUN level is 22 and creat level is 0.91. BUN/Creat ratio written as NOT APPLICABLE. Could you please let me know if you see any issues with my BUN/Creat levels?.

The results that you report are normal.  If your blood urea nitrogen (BUN) and your creatinine are normal, then there is no reason to perform a BUN to creatinine ratio and it becomes “Not applicable”.

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I saw my family doctor for my regular complete check up and also because I had been having some abdominal pains. He sent me for an ultrasound and, although it did not explain the reason why I was feeling pain in the area. My doctor thought it may have been my bowel. The results are as follows: Findings: "The kidneys both demonstrate thinning of the renal cortices. Small 8 mm simple cyst in the upper to mid pole of the right kidney. Small 3 mm echogenic focus in the upper to mid pole of the left kidney suspicious for a non-obstructing calculus. No hydronephrosis. No ascites." Impression: "Bilateral symmetric renal cortical thinning" I asked my doctor what it meant that my kidneys were "thinning" and he basically said that the urine and blood tests came back fine so he wasn't sure what to make of it. It could be the start of a type of kidney disease and we should repeat the blood, urine and ultrasound test in about 6 months. At the time of my check up appt and the ultrasound, I was not feeling pain in my back/kidney area, although I have been in the past week or so. My first question is, how quickly can kidney stones grow or do they change location and could that be why I am feeling some pain now in my kidney area when I wasn't before? I was not completely satisfied with the conclusion to repeat the tests in 6 months, especially as my doctor stated that he wasn't sure what to make of the kidneys thinning. Are you able to advise on any further information or would your recommendation also be to repeat the kidney tests in 6 months?

I am not able to provide a specific diagnosis based on the information that you provide.  An ultrasound test can be misleading if the technician is not careful about how the testing is performed.   64 more words

Kidney-Related Health Questions

In your opinion, should one be fasting when having blood work done for kidney disease. I am in early stage 4; no dialysis. Fasting important or not necessary?

The only fasting blood work that I tend to order while fasting is a lipid panel that includes triglycerides and cholesterol levels.  Blood sugars may, occasionally need to be fasting.   13 more words

Kidney-Related Health Questions