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Sir, I have serum creatinine 7. 9 and I am already suffering from heart problem and pacemaker is implanted. What should I do now?

You should consult with a nephrologist who can examine you and determine the cause of your kidney disease and then form a treatment plan.  That treatment plan may include dialysis treatments or possibly transplantation. 7 more words

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, I am a 61 year old white female, about 50 lbs overweight. I take 50 mg Losartan and 50 mcg L-thyroxine daily. I recently saw a doctor for increased symptoms of hypothyroidism (fatigue, feeling cold, dry skin, thinning hair, forgetfulness, slow but steady weight gain, etc.) Blood tests showed most results in the normal range except immature granulocytes % high at 0.5 (range 0.001 - 0.429%); thyroglobin, Tumor Marker, S high at 7.5 ng/mL; and eGFR low at 56.37. BUN was 15 (range 7 - 17 mg/dL), creatinine was 1.0 (range 0.5 - 1.1 mg/dL). The doctor has referred me to an endocrinologist, but when I asked about following up on the low eGFR, I was told, "don't worry about it." This is contrary to what I've just read on the Internet (including your site), and in recently published books from the library. On my own, I have begun exercising and dieting to lose weight and reduce my blood pressure (which has been in the 140's/90's lately), following guidelines such as not consuming too much protein or alcohol, generally cutting calories, etc. I'm beginning to lose weight and my blood pressure has come down a little, but not far enough yet. My doctor did not say anything about losing weight or reviewing my blood pressure medication. She did not ask me to come in for a urinalysis, or do any kind of follow up at all on the eGFR of 56.37. Should I be concerned? Should I find another doctor in a different practice for a second opinion? I want to be as proactive as possible, and do as much as I can to stave off any progression if I do in fact have chronic kidney disease.

In the testing that you mention, I do not see any testing for thyroid illness.  If you have thyroid disease, this can decrease your kidney function.   59 more words

Kidney-Related Health Questions

My grand mum has creatinine of 10.9 and albumin of 3.12. Is female lives in India and is 79. What is her life expectancy? She does not take dialysis.

I am unable to provide a prognosis without performing a complete history and physical examination.  She appears to have very far advanced kidney disease, but I cannot tell you what caused the kidney disease and what outcome would be expected.   8 more words

Kidney-Related Health Questions