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I am a male member from India, 59 yr old, 159 cm height with 55 kg body weight. I had my kidney transplant done on March 2014. My baseline creatinine level post transplant was 0.9. I am not diabetic. My blood pressure reading ranges from 142 to 147/ 68 to 70 with a pulse rate of 65-70. No protein or blood in urine. My electrolytes are balanced. My creatinine level has been elevated from Aug 2014 and it now oscillates between 1.3 to 1.4 while bun remains at 25. My hemoglobin level is 13.5 . Doctor suspect this elevated level could be due to drug toxicity. Now drug named Tacrolimus 4mg per day has been changed to Certican 1 mg pd in Oct 2014. I take 3 liters of water excluding liquid included in food and urinate about 5 to 5.5 liters per day. My queries are 1. How do one remove drug toxicity? Is there any lab test available to know the drug toxicity level in kidney? 2. How long it takes to remove the affect of drug toxicity? 3. What would you suggest me for reducing creatinine level or improve kidney function? 4. Please provide recommended diet list. 5. Is more water intake helps improve kidney function or reduce creatinine level? 6. I do morning walk for 60 minutes at a pace of 11.5 minutes per km and shed about 200 to 250 calories. 7. I am more or less vegan except I take fish about 50 gms per day. 8. If you have any other suggestions for me, please provide the same. Hope, I have given sufficient information in my health condition. I would request your opinion/suggestions/advice. Secondly, what happens to native kidneys? My kidneys were working at 5% efficiency as per lab test. Could my native kidneys be rejuvenated again? I visit my nephrologist every two months with a lab test report on blood test, creatinine, bun, glucose (fasting) and urine test. Last I had got the test done on 6th May 2015 and results are as under Creatinine 1.3; urea - 25; hemoglobin -13.9; potassium-3.7; chloride serum 104; glucose 81; urine test- alkaline, other parameters are all within the range.

I cannot make a diagnosis of tacrolimus toxicity based on the information that you present.  There is no specific blood test that can diagnose toxicity.  A transplant kidney biopsy would be required to make such a diagnosis.   189 more words


I have blood urea level of 46 mg. How can I improve kidney function?

I am unable to provide a diagnosis based on the information that you provide.  The blood urea nitrogen (BUN) value that you describe may be abnormal, but I cannot provide a diagnosis nor can I prescribe treatment without seeing you and performing a complete history and physical examination.   9 more words

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