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I have stage 3 kidney disease and I just got back my PTH results. Hyperparathyroidism: Primary Calcium High, Secondary Calcium Normal or Low, Tertiary, Intact PTH High, Calcium High and Non-Parathyroid Hypercalcemia Calcium High. Does that mean that the Non-Parathyroid Hypercalcemia condition have nothing to do with my Hyperparathyroidism?

Your question implies that you have an elevated parathyroid hormone result.  This must be interpreted by a physician who knows you and can examine you.  I am not able to clarify the results of your laboratory testing without performing a complete history and physical examination.   18 more words

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I wake with a start, anxious, then remember: all it takes to be a success, according to Mrs. Shenks, my third grade teacher, is learn the steps and practice deep breathing. 5,634 more words

I have Celiac disease and do not absorb my nutrients like most folks. I had my blood done this month. My creatine level was 0.67. This is lower then recommended. Should I be concerned?

A low serum creatinine commonly means that you have a low muscle mass.  This would be consistent with your Celiac disease and some element of protein malnutrition.   38 more words

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