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አሠሪና ሠራተኛ ህግ፡ የሰበር ችሎት እንደተረጎመው

በ2008 ዓ.ም. ለፍሬ ለማብቃት ካቀድኳቸው ሥራዎች ውስጥ ሁለቱ ተጠናቀው አንደኛው ደግሞ ተገባዶ በማየቴ በተለምዶ ‘እጥፍ ድርብ’ የሚባለው ዓይነት ባይሆንም ትልቅ ደስታና እፎይታ ተሰምቶኛል፡፡ ይንንም ለ Ethiopian Legal Brief ጎብኚዎች በተለይም ደግሞ ለድረ ገጹ ቋሚ ተከታታዮች (followers and subscribers) ለማጋራት በማሰብ ብሎም ቅድመ ህትመት ለአንባቢ መተዋወቂያ ይሆን ዘንድ የአንደኛውን ሥራ የይዘት ማውጫ፤ የውሳኔዎች ማውጫ፤ የህግጋት ማውጫ፤ ዋቢ መጻህፍትና የቃላት ማውጫ ከቅንጭብ ጽሑፎች (የተመረጡ ገጾች) ጋር በዚህ ገጽ ላይ ለማቅረብ እወዳለው፡፡ 27 more words


The Provident Fund Appellate Tribunal Rightly Rejected a Belated Appeal

The appellant challenging the order passed in December 2011 Under Section 7A of the Employees’ Provident Fund & Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952 filed an appeal before the Appellate Tribunal in September 2012, almost after 10 months from the date of order. 302 more words

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Giulio Regeni: Another Victim of Labour Suppression

As a Cambridge PhD student, the disappearance, torture and murder of Giulio Regeni touches me in a way that many other such crimes have not. Although I did not know him personally, I know people who were friends with him. 767 more words


Insourcing and Labour Brokers

It is public knowledge that the South African tertiary education system has been under attack the past few months. The first assault, led by students, which earned the moniker #FeesMustFall, was followed by a second onslaught, this time spearheaded by disgruntled university employees: … 1,041 more words

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Workers can't waive right to sue employers for neglience, Ontario court says

Ontario workers can’t sign away their right to sue employers for negligence, says the Ontario Court of Appeal.

The decision last week, in a case called… 405 more words

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A recent judgment of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) is to the effect that a firm that read a worker’s Yahoo Messenger chats sent while he was at work was well within its rights to do so. 586 more words