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Opinion - Low wages are 'return to pre-industrial Britain', says Bank of England economist | Business | The Guardian - John Gelmini

As Dr Alf knows , there are further distortions because when the Government cites unemployment figures it counts 2/3rds of the new jobs being created as “self employment”. 457 more words


Haitian Migrant Workers in the Dominican Republic

This essay attempted to analyse the treatment of Haitians migrant workers in the contemporary Dominican Republic economy.Since this essay has been written, there have been some significant negative changes that will be addressed in a later blog or research paper. 4,153 more words

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International Labour History

How can we start to define International Labour laws? It basically wants to protect working rights by observing them and ensuring that they are recognized (Mainwaring, 1986, p.1). 4,542 more words

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Striving for workplace transformation beyond lip-service

By Barbara du Preez-Ulmi. How do you define your workplace? Is it the desk you plonk down at every morning, or is it standing next to a patient in a hospital bed, or perhaps the booting up of industrial machine? 2,267 more words

Conflict Prevention


As in many other spheres of the commercial environment the influence of the state has also made itself felt through labour legislation in recent years. This has been the case in sectors of the economy where trade unions are particularly active, such as the mining, automotive, metal and textile industries. 533 more words


আইনী-পর্যালোচনাঃ ‘কর্মকর্তা’ চাকরি হারালে তার প্রতিকার (Legal Analysis: While Officers lost job illegally)

ড. উত্তম কুমার দাস, শ্রম আইন বিশেষজ্ঞ এবং এডভোকেট, সুপ্রীম কোর্ট অব বাংলাদেশ।*

আগের কয়েক লেখায় আমরা বাংলাদেশ শ্রম আইন, ২০০৬ এর আলোকে কে শ্রমিক আর কে নয় সেসব বিষয়ে আলোকপাত করেছি। তারা বে-আইনীভাবে চাকরি হারালে আইনী প্রতিকার কি তাও বলেছি। 33 more words

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