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On Owen Smith

Owen Smith is the worst person in British politics

I have been struggling to put my finger on exactly why it is that I loathe Owen Smith with such a visceral, burning, contemptuous rage. 1,682 more words

UK Politics

Why The GOP Is Not The British Labour Party

Recently, I have begun to hear comparisons about the GOP and the Labour Party of the United Kingdom.  Putting aside systems of government differences, the comparisons see the GOP being doomed to minority status like Labour, both have unelectable standard-bearers leading their parties and both face substantial demographic hurdles moving forward. 612 more words


What Breed of Faceless Bureaucrats are purging Labour members based on cyber thought crime?

The news that the Labour Party has teams of bureaucrats combing through the social media accounts of hundreds of thousands of members to find out whether they have ever clicked ‘like’ on anything the anti-Corbyn heirarchy disapproves of, going back years, in order to disenfranchise them from a totally unnecessary leadership election, smacks of a party which might have been created in the imagination of Orwell or Kafka. 171 more words


"Tell them it was a bike accident" Corbyn tells Branson

Sir Richard Branson is this morning still denying that he was duffed up by Jeremy Corbyn after a row about trains earlier in the week. 206 more words


ex-miner John Dunn is guilty of speaking truth to power – so the Labour Party have suspended him!

45 continuous membership and I'm suspended from the Labour Party without them even calling me by my name, just Hello you are out! No vote4JC…

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Dateline: 26 Aug 2016 - The News in Brief

Dalston Politics:   Green Party Councillor Coraline ‘George’ Lucas has raised the prospect of an electoral pact with Dalston Labour to prevent the parties ‘fighting each other’. 203 more words