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On June 9th, this man could be Prime Minister


After watching Andrew Neil’s interview of Jeremy Corbyn on Friday evening and listening to Corbyn’s speeches throughout the past week, we cannot risk giving Corbyn and his version of the Labour Party the keys to No. 186 more words


Corbyn on foreign policy: the pros and cons

Above: Corbyn’s speech today

This piece was written by Clive before Corbyn’s speech today (26/05/2017) on foreign policy. In this speech, Corbyn – whilst making it clear that the terrorist perpetrators are the ones guilty of the acts they perpetrate – seemed to reiterate the… 1,056 more words

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Why Would Anyone Vote Conservative in the UK Election? by Graham Peebles

by Graham Peebles
Writer, Dandelion Salad
London, England
May 26, 2017

Consistent with 21st century politics the announcement on 18th April of a general election by Prime Minister Theresa May was a cynical move based purely on self-interest. 1,429 more words


The Predictable Unpredicted Rise of Labour

Friday 26th May and the latest YouGov poll shows Labour have closed the gap in a month from 22 points to 5 and according to the Evening Standard the much mooted 150bTory majority of 150b seats will on this basis be er….2. 275 more words

British Foreign Policy – Weapons of Last Resort

There is a saying that one man’s Terrorist is another Man’s freedom fighter.
Having read Jeremy Corbyn’s speech on British Foreign Policy I am not impressed. 201 more words


Are You Going Out This Weekend? Good. Elections Aren't Won Online.

In 1970, John Bochel and David Denver carried out what may have been the first field experiment in British political science (or so, at least, Denver speculates in his essay “ 387 more words

Green Party

Party Manifestos and London

Yesterday (25/5/2017), UKIP published their General Election Manifesto. That completes the quartet of the main parties, so it seemed an opportune time to analyse and comment on them so far as they affect transport in London. 943 more words

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