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The Power-Principle Conundrum

How do you balance purity of principle with achieving power?

It is principles (or lack thereof) that lies at the heart of all politics. It was principles that drove the Liberals under Lloyd George to create Old Age Pensions; Clement Attlee’s Labour to found the National Health Service and the creation of… 1,002 more words



There is something irresistibly delicious in witnessing a pompous, privileged, and ultimately pathological politician unceremoniously dumped by a savvy electorate. Frank Zacharias Robin “Zac” Goldsmith is the latest arrogant yet complacent buffoon to be subject to the will of the people; a people who are much better off for seeing the back of him. 921 more words


It was only meant as a joke.

Honestly it really was meant as a joke…honest guv!   A few months ago I wrote a bit of a tongue in cheek post about the… 789 more words


Why Labour should support free movement and oppose Brexit

Labour must seek to persuade Leave voters, but make no concessions to nativism

By Martin Thomas

It is conceivable that within a year or so there will be no European Union, or not much of an EU, for Britain to quit. 1,567 more words

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Labour Party's Tom Watson endorses apartheid and israel's illegal occupation and slams BDS

UK Labour Party’s deputy leader performs rendition of Am Yisrael Chai

Tom Watson sings ‘Am Yisrael Chai’

 Watson begins singing to his audience while delivering a speech to Labour Friends of Israel in which he repudiates anti-Semitism, attacks moral bankruptcy of BDS Movement.

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Will Labour Councillors Fight for Democracy? The Case of the Soulsby Vs the Highfields Community Association

Yesterday the Leicester Mercury (December 1) reported that the Highfields Community Association (HCA) had commissioned a report, called In Search of Good Faith, “to look at the troubled dealings it has had with the council since it achieved independence from the authority in 2010.” The article noted how the author of this independent report, professor Gus John… 1,012 more words

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Trump Tourette's: The News In Brief

Cincinnati, Ohio:  Doctors concerned about the health of president-elect Donald Trump have diagnosed his condition as Narcissistic Campaign Speech Tourette’s Syndrome. The rare condition became apparent after Mr Trump, having already secured the presidency, could not shut his damn yap and insisted on continuing to make… 176 more words