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One week until Article 50

Its just a week until Britain is expected to trigger Article 50, sterling is at a three week high, UK inflation is at its highest since 2013, leaked EU documents suggest Britain could be kicked out EU and fined £50bn.  285 more words

Market Commentary

The way we do our politics

The way we do our politics is as important as that politics itself. Within the Labour Party, there are people who simply don’t get this. It’s not just a left-right divide: On the right, Progress, of course, are past masters at creating political power centred around small, self-serving cliques, but unfortunately there is self-defeating, top down strain within the Corbyn project too, which had absolutely nothing to do with the flowering of activism, creativity and organisation-building that happened during the summer of 2015. 302 more words

A new deal for self-employed workers and small businesses - the ‘precariat’ ?


There was an outcry when the Chancellor Philip Hammond unveiled a National Insurance hike for self-employed workers in the Budget – now postponed. Some 4.6 million people, around 15% of the workforce, are now self-employed and data from the Office for National Statistics show that two thirds of new jobs in the UK created in recent years are down to self-employment.  620 more words

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MP John McDonnell: new deal for self-employed and small businesses

Birmingham has been named the most entrepreneurial city in the UK for four successive years – with more start-up businesses than anywhere outside of London. Data released by StartUp Britain shows that 17,473 new businesses were registered in Birmingham during 2016, an increase of 25% on the previous year. 276 more words


Helping Others....

Is something I love and enjoy doing. After the technological breakdown earlier on, I made it to a local fair for local services and organisations that deal with mental health. 203 more words

Allen Brooks

Why Labour's right are equally in denial as the left

Nick Cohen wrote an expletitive plea or should it be a rant telling Corbynista’s ‘to stop being a fucking fool by changing your fucking mind.’ In many respects it was akin to a spoilt child screaming ‘I’ll scream and scream, until I’ll make myself sick!’ By accusing Corbyn supporters of being in denial and that the party is in danger of going into meltdown unless they appoint their special one they too are very much in denial. 728 more words

Cracking The Owen Jones Enigma — Part 1

Prominent Left-wing commentariat, activist and author Owen Jones has become an increasingly divisive figure among the left, and socialists ever since Jeremy Corbyn was elected Leader of the Labour Party in September 2015. 5,806 more words