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...But are you worth it?

Every now and then a headline comes up that becomes the basis of government policy, if it’s appropriate. The headline this week is how much are people paid, in particular academics, and whether this pay is justified, and whether they, or indeed anyone else, ought to be paid more than the prime minister. 917 more words

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Anti Fascist/Anti Nazi Vigil: Remember V1 Rocket Attack Forest Gate - 27 July 1944

Thursday 27th July – Forest Gate North Labour Party will be holding an Anti Fascist/Anti Nazi vigil to remember those 20 or so local residents killed by a V1 rocket on the 27th of July 1944. 135 more words

London: Icecream Van in Southwark Park, a 'Pollution Hazard'

The engine of the icecream van in Southwark Park, in Bermondsey, has been belching out toxic fumes all throughout the summer.

The van has been emitting fumes for hours on end, very close to an outdoor café, which is popular with young children and families and is right by a children’s playground. 107 more words


Jeremy Corbyn insists he never promised to write off student debt

Jeremy Corbyn has insisted that he never promised to write off student debt amid accusations he used the youth vote as ‘election fodder’.

It has been claimed that Corbyn had indicated he would wipe out sums owed by students during the election campaign by saying he would look at ways of reducing the debt burden faced by many. 261 more words


How do we build on Labour’s election results? Not by misunderstanding our position with working class voters.

by Andrew Murray

How does Labour do even better next time? There is no more important debate, so almost any contribution to it has to be welcome. 2,335 more words

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Labour Should Embrace Primaries

There is much discussion in Labour Party circles about the merits and pitfalls of mandatory reselection. The opponents of this idea are exclusively in the more moderate wing of the party and these individuals fear that if primaries were to be held for all Labour candidates for Parliament, the party would swing to the left. 956 more words
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