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STCG welcomes Labour commitment to suspension of Right to Buy sales

Swindon Tenants Campaign Group welcomes Labour’s commitment to suspend Right to Buy, announced by Shadow Housing Minister Teresa Pearce. STCG has long argued for scrapping RTB as Scotland and Wales have now done. 657 more words

Swindon Tenants Campaign Group

BBC Radio Wales – Good Morning Wales | Did Jeremy Corbyn’s conference speech unite his warring party?

After an extraordinary summer, it’s back to normal for Labour – a normal that includes a leader the MPs have no confidence in, MPs regarded as traitors by a large mass of the party, and anti-Semitism of the grossest kind voiced by an ally of the leader in one hall while that same leader declared “zero tolerance towards those who whip up hate and division” in another. 151 more words

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Sevenoaks CLP Youth Officer Report

A surreal experience from socialism to radical centrism

Whilst pervading the idea of being boring political events used for spin and policy platforms, Party Conferences are surprisingly not so. 374 more words

Swanley & District Labour Party

Football Association / Labour Party Merger - Latest

NEWS JUST IN: The nation’s two most dysfunctional administrative bodies are to be consolidated into a single organisation in order to halve the number of daily cock-ups perpetrated on the public and to save on newsprint. 184 more words


Jeremy Corbyn can win back the British Minority vote.

By Dumi Senda

Following Labour’s dismal performance in the last two successive General elections, I argued that Labour under Gordon Brown had alienated its Ethnic minority supporters in my blog post titled… 335 more words

Oh Yes...Andy Burnham MP Has Resigned As Shadow Home Secretary!

The deplorable man should not have been it, in the first place…believe you me!

LMFAO…to concentrate on his Mayoral campaign.

He won’t make it past the letter M in the alphabet, let alone become Mayor of a city that didn’t even want a Mayor…they voted AGAINST it. 40 more words

A Whistle Blowers Diary