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Labour Left Alliance Full-Timer Setting up Parallel CLPs.

Tina Werkman “Works at Labour Left Alliance”.

LATEST From the outer fringes. Planning meeting: CLP for all those expelled and suspended as part of the witch-hunt …

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UK Politics: A Crisis of Leadership, but a Lack of an Alternative too?

(Photo: PoliticsHome)

By Fayyez Patel – Contributor

With the news of a potential Covid- 19 being approved for mass production and the easing of current lockdown restrictions imminent, the need for strong leadership is essential in ensuring public confidence to follow the important guidelines as we enter a crucial stage of the Coronavirus pandemic. 1,539 more words


Counterfire, "Starmer is now following a Blairite directive to destroy the left in the party once and for all."

Counterfire leaders Rees and German with an old friend.

If there’s one thing worse than being lectured to by the Morning Star, it’s being hectored by Brexit backing Counterfire whose leaders, … 676 more words

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David Renton on Luciana Berger

David Renton is rare amongst former members of the SWP: he has remained firmly on the left but has clearly reassessed many of the fundamentals of SWP politics, especially regarding antisemitism. 238 more words

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Silenced? Four principled members ‘disciplined’ by Labour’s head office

Last week, Dorset Eye published a statement by the recently elected Chair of Young Labour, Jess Barnard, a Norfolk County Councillor. She said:

In the interests of accountability to the thousands of Labour members who elected me, I feel I must share the following information to demonstrate the bullying atmosphere which currently prevails in the Labour Party. 464 more words

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I'm not being racialist, but ...

By Andy Stowe (at the Socialist Resistance website)

Paul Embery’s new book Despised: Why the Modern Left Loathes the Working Class is reviewed by Andy Stowe… 1,020 more words

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Morning Star urges "no compromise with a right that seeks to permanently smash the Labour left."

Morning Star urges “no compromise.”

There has been talk of a split in Labour, talk.

Foremost in many people’s minds is that efforts to create independent parties of the left in the UK, break-aways from Labour,  in the early years of this millennium, failed. 1,784 more words

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