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Towards an Effective Industrial Strategy for Britain

by Charles Regan

Britain, alone among western Europe’s major economies, does not have an industrial strategy. Ever since 1979, successive governments, New Labour as well as Conservative, have  elected to consign the fate of Britain’s industries to ‘the market’. 731 more words


The Copeland Catastrophe

Labour has lost Copeland – what does this mean for the Party and what does it show about the state of British politics?

Last week I covered the, at that point in time, upcoming by-election in the Stoke-on-Trent Central seat – the article can be found… 1,092 more words



An excerpt from my latest column for the International New York Times, on the results of the Stoke-on-Trent and Copeland by-elections in England, and their meaning for national politics: 245 more words


Lords table motion to kill new Tory restrictions on PIP

Around 160,000 disabled people will be stripped of their entitlement to support for the additional costs they face because of their disability after the government shifted the goalposts to deal with upper tribunal legal rulings, according to the Labour Party. 1,025 more words

Corbyn & Labour: Home Truth's From The Left

Labours explosion of new members making it the largest left wing party in Europe is down almost entirely to Jeremy Corbyn’s personal views on things such as Nuclear disarmament. 1,623 more words

UK Politics

Shut up, and go away

Recently, we have seen the vultures circling over the heads of both Brexit, and the Labour Party leadership. Just in time to turn the political milk sour in advance of two by-elections, that well known rent-a-mouth, Tony Blair, reappeared to make one of his ‘impassioned’ speeches about the referendum result. 443 more words


Socialist Workers Party: Copeland Defeat after Corbyn dropped "opposition to Nuclear Power and Trident."

SWP: Corbyn Dropped Opposition to Nuclear Power.

It is often remarked that us Leftist Trainspotters have a keen interest in the more…well let’s just say unusual, exotic, plain barmy groups on the left. 567 more words

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