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A short history of politics.

  • The country was divided into fiefdoms. The robber barons, kings and their ilk paid for an army of thugs to maintain order. They took what they wanted.
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Getting to grips with the changes in politics

When asking how people would vote yesterday, Krishnan Guru-Murthy encountered confusion and bewilderment. In his words “I have never seen before so little idea what to do”. 1,010 more words


A challenge to the political establishment

Tories, Labour, LibDems, UKIP, Greens, SNP, Plaid Cymru – all invited to Online Hustings starting March 31

Here’s a show we made earlier


Predictions 2015 (Politics)

I did a bit better on my political predictions than my HE one last year. So here goes for 2015:
1 – There will be a General Election. 410 more words

Politics Blogs

Moral Bankruptcy - Ready, Set, Done - Daily Post

Todays daily post prompt is a free write.

I do like a free write especially when there is so much on the news to annoy and anger me.   408 more words

Daily Post

Does immigrant labour benefit or impoverish the United Kingdom? - (Charlie Hancock)

Immigrant labour is a topic from which stems much controversy, increasing immigration has caused many Britons to want a cap on immigration. Too many people’s dismay, net migration has increased to 212,000 from 154,000 and in 2012; the number of foreign born workers is 8.3% of all employed people in the United Kingdom. 1,778 more words