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Goodbye Charlotte, hello Des Moines ...

If you’re good at reading between the lines – and plenty of hints have been dropped in the letters the last month or so – it will come as little surprise to you that I will move from Charlotte to Des Moines as soon as the house sells. 936 more words

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My Dying Dog and the Love that She Inspires

Firstly, you should know that my dog is the black female (and currently a little shaggier) version of Dug from Up

I wanted to properly introduce my readers to my dog Daq. 1,091 more words


Introducing a dog and a baby.

During my pregnancy I spent a lot of time wondering how our dog, Hobbs would react to the new addition to our family. He has always been spoiled with attention and whilst I knew how important it was that he knew his place I really hated the thought of him feeling pushed out. 352 more words


A Log Rolling Tortoise Tale

On an otherwise perfectly pleasant walk around Keston Ponds yesterday morning, my hoomum and her hoomfriends bravely and selflessly – nay, recklessly – nay again, crazily – attempted to rescue a “tortoise” which Tina had spotted, stranded on a not terribly substantial log which was floating in the middle of the most fetid and stagnant of  the ponds. 1,021 more words

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House selling 101 ... the latest chapter in a book not yet written

Over the years, Ellen and Reid have read all about it; life-changing relocation and career moves, adjustments to a new part of the U.S., health scares, and even scant details on tepid efforts at relationships. 852 more words

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#1 reason behind ER visits: penne pasta with sautéed chicken ...

Penne pasta with sautéed chicken and pesto doesn’t normally trigger a visit to the ER, but then again, most things aren’t normal around this place these days.  863 more words

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Why I Should Just Leave My Dog at Home

When I got a dog, I vowed never to leave him home alone for more than a half a day, tops. “It’s not fair to him,” I said. 292 more words

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