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Cove Angels – Maintaining the Integrity of Dog Breeding Practices

Dog breeding is widely known for being a rather controversial topic. While some animal lovers are more than willing to shell out the cash necessary to purchase a purebred dog, others are passionately against the practice, especially with so many dogs available in shelters and rescue groups. 376 more words

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From Zero to Rufus

Rufus baby photo

Curious Rufus at 6 weeks old (visiting day)

How did Rufus enter our lives?

After wanting a dog for quite some time, we finally made the decision to move out of our flat and move into a home with a garden.   422 more words


2-in-1! Pad Thai & Mojitos

As the weather warms up, we’ve been craving lighter meals and refreshing drinks. Making pad thai is an easy, one-pot meal and pairs perfectly with a classic mojito. 318 more words


Snow Dog |McKernan|

11.02.2016| Snow Dog, McKernan

This cutie just loves the snow! She’ll run after snow balls with the intention of eating them, then dig the snow and stick her head in like a mole.


Cove Angels – Breeding Dogs for Safe, Responsible Homes

There are numerous reasons why you should adopt a dog. Dogs can provide a unique sense of love and companionship for all of your family members, and even your other pets. 406 more words

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Cove Angels – Providing the Perfect, Furry Addition to Your Family

 The decision to add a furry friend to your family is not one that should be made on a whim. With toys, crates, bowls, food, collars, and other necessary accessories, puppies can end up being surprisingly expensive. 380 more words

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