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When It's Raining Cats & Dare I Say, Dogs

I’m a California dog who is just not quite used to many rainy days in a row – this week provided us with some welcome rain but made life a little more difficult for this golf dog. 182 more words


Dream Come True

Fellow Bloggers, a gal’s dream came true.

I made a wish list, so many posts ago and on it was a DSLR camera. Admittedly it was a Nikon D3300 but you know…. 201 more words

One Persons Labradoodle is another Persons Luckdragon

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and have a fantastic year ahead. I’m personally not a great fan of the holidays hence my disappearing. However, I’m back with a very earth shattering post… 218 more words

Mental Health

The Best New Year's Eve Ever !

Our children decided when they had their children, that each family should be at their own home for Christmas. This, I am sure, is in response to all those years we went to grandparents’ homes in Virginia and Maryland. 318 more words

Putter Prefers

Every so often I’ll share some of my personal favorites. Ever since I was a small pup I have enjoyed Taste of the Wild High Prairie Puppy Formal – Roasted Bison & Venison.¬† 143 more words


Putter Prefers Properly Fit Putters

Length, loft, lie, counter balance, toe balance, face balance……..there is a lot to consider when you select your putter. On average a player uses their putter over 30 times a round, so it makes sense to purchase one that fits you. 159 more words


Every leaf is a fascinating little miracle 

According to Honey, that is. And I suspect most dogs would agree with her.

She has had all her vaccinations now so yesterday was her first proper outing. 338 more words