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The Loch Ness Minster

As his natural habitat called, his longing heart whined as loud as his voice. The harsh glass that lay between him and the vast expanse of delight tempting him was just cruel. 648 more words

Guide Dog

You Do Know That They Haven't Given You A Labrador Right?

Another fan filled shopping trip completed on duty Minster, my daughter and I headed for the exit. It had been rather a quiet day with only two people stopping to talk to us, so we had completed our shopping in record speed. 583 more words


Please Let Me Play.

As I felt the Yeti like paw prints that had been imprinted in the freshly laid compost, I knew that the monster had struck again. Amongst the rows of carrots and spring onions, lay the evidence of the hairy intruder’s occupancy. 626 more words


A Penny for Your Thoughts

She wasn’t supposed to be ours.

I had finally convinced HWSNBN to just LOOK at labradoodles.  He was of the opinion that no self-respecting man would own a dog with the name “doodle” in it. 1,041 more words

Where Is Doodle MPB??

Earlier this week we dropped Doodle MPB off for her training boot camp. Since then, Little MPB asks Where is Doodle MPB?? multiple times a day. 331 more words


And he's 11+

Barney is still with us a bit over a year later. He’s definitely feeling more his age of 11-1/2.  He’s been suffering from arthritis but he’s doing okay.  136 more words