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A horse! A horse! My Kingdom For A Cheesiebiccie!

You may recall that me and mum recently came across a poor abandoned dog running in the road at Keston Ponds. Well, I think its safe to bark that we have trumped that on today’s walk. 328 more words

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Ill Gotten Gains

Have just returned from a quick check of my local peemail inbox.  As we turned into the tiny recreation ground on the corner of our road, we observed with some amusement a somewhat rotund officer of the law endeavouring to pursue a lithe and nimble youth who had, we felt it fairly safe to assume, been up to no good.   125 more words

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The Labradoodle Puppy

Last Friday was an interesting day with a few varied assignments for a number of papers. The last one was the best! A woman had called and let us know that her Labradoodle had puppies and that instead of the usual four to six they had 11. 299 more words

Jasper update

Jasper likes nothing better than to recycle the recycling. With a paper bag clamped in his jaws he padded in from the kitchen one morning, with an “I dare you to try and take this bag from me!” gleam in his eye. 20 more words

Arty Attempts

Undercarriage Resolutely Up

Mum threw my ballie a little too far from the water’s edge on Keston pond yesterday. I attracted quite a crowd as I attempted to reach it without getting my cute fluffy silver body wet. 249 more words

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Onto Every Head A Little Crap Must Fall

Those of you who already know me will know all about Harold, our Pigeon In Residence, and my increasingly frantic efforts to curtail his attempts to move in with MY family.   179 more words

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