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My Top 10: Reasons I Love My Dog

My dog is a labradoodle named Paisley. She is just under two years old, and is the sweetest dog ever. I would highly, highly recommend a labradoodle to anyone who wants a sweet, super smart, playful dog. 217 more words


Excuse Me, I Think You Are Sitting On My Throne.

There are some people who seem to fill up a room with charisma as soon as they step foot inside. You must have met the type. 553 more words

Guide Dog

Emma Bearman Photography

On Sunday 3rd of September 2017, we joined Emma for one of her shoot days. We met her at Newmillerdam Country Park in Wakefield, Yorkshire. We already knew Emma, as we’d met at Dog Fest North 2016. 150 more words


This Time Is Different

So we are just over 1 week into having Doddle MPB, and I’ve realized things are very different with this puppy.

Dog MPB was our only child for a number of years. 575 more words


Dog Cones, Snow Cones, and a Weekend Off!

It’s been a crap few days. I’ve been snowed under by work and at the end of the week was struck down by a nasty head cold which sent me to bed for a couple of days.  1,352 more words



It took a day and a half before I was let out of the Doghouse. I knew that Angus my cat pouted if he was left with someone when I was away, but I didn’t realize that Munch’s reaction would outdo this in the most theatrical manner. 736 more words


Living My Dream

Every now and again something happens which makes me realize just how fortunate I am to be a Little MPB’s mother.

Sometimes its something as simple as a song. 397 more words