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My Dog: The Search Begins.

I am having a blast. Every walk now involves a conversation with dog owners since I am shamelessly stopping anyone with a dog that looks suitable for my purposes and asking for advice. 376 more words


Labradoodle pups
golden doodle dogs evolve
Darwin rolls over


Stream of Semi-consciousness

• Skin cancer surgery last week. Fun stuff. It had been 2.5 years so I was overdo. The surgeon said I can’t swim for three weeks. 287 more words


And then they were gone

We had our last walk with the boys on Monday night. Tuesday afternoon they went back home to Bend. Finally, they are reunited with their mom! 15 more words


Fourteen days remaining

Our time with the happy noodle doodles is coming to a close. Fourteen days remain! Last week, I took Reggie in for a dental and growth removal on top of his head. 142 more words


week in review: 72 hours at home

visited my parents’ fluffiest new addition to the family (and visited them too, i guess).

1. bomb piece of key lime pie/heaven from great southern in seaside. 135 more words


Under 40 days

 Hanging in the studio, pestering me for dinner. Zeek, Moby, & Reggie

The count down is official. We have under 40 days remaining with the noodle-doodle boys. 157 more words