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Cockapoo & Labradoodles For You!

A warm welcome from  Countryview Kennel!

We are so pleased to show off our Christmas puppies of 2017!  Yes, these Labradoodles were born on Christmas day!  214 more words


Acorn of the Week: Heroic Labradoodles

Yep, you read correctly, our Acorn of the Week (a focus on the smaller things in life), goes to two dogs, who, this weekend, have come to the rescue of an 80-year-old woman, found sitting out in -12°C weather in the middle of the night. 177 more words

Go, Dogs, Go!

Go, Dogs, Go!

The story linked above is about two dogs who hounded, err Labradoodled, their humans to let them out at 4:30 am so they could save an elderly woman from freezing to death. 15 more words


Blessed! (or cursed…depending on your point of view!)  Two snow events in the same year! Lucky for us, they were during the same week. So, we have yet another snow day, and we are off from school.  263 more words

Southern Snow Days- Lucy’s First Snow

Any kind of snow event when you live in the south is a big deal.  The minute the weatherman begins to discuss the possibility of a flake or two falling from the sky, people get excited. 319 more words

HAPPY NEW YEAR From All Of Us At Countryview Kennel!

With snow swirling down in great big, white flakes, I drove up the laneway of Countryview Kennel to photograph this sweet Labradoodle girl that was born on October the 9th.  236 more words


I Only Think I Am a Yankee

With a daytime high in the mid-twenties, I am wrapped up in a sweater, jeans, boots, coat, hat, scarf, gloves, and I am still cold. 292 more words