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[New Magic Item] Pipe of the Thief

Pipe of the Thief

Koram opened the door to the shared room, a hooded figure was just lighting a pipe in the corner.

‘Company!’ the fighter yelled. 221 more words

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The Crashed Engine

When the flaming metal castle arrived in the skies, it was intercepted by three warlocks in mid-air – one on her hippogriff, one on flying carpet, and one just levitating there in the skies as this monstrosity of steel and fire approached. 240 more words


[New Magic Spell] UnWeathered


Knat sat dry and warm drinking tea when Chalk and the others arrived in the downpour.

‘Come in, boys, have some tea,’ the druidess said. 176 more words

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The 2016 Cartographic Review!

It has finally arrived – a collection of the many maps from last year of cartography on Dyson’s Dodecahedron!

(Buy Print Edition for $18.00 @ Lulu… 209 more words


Lords of the Aldeiron Peaks

On the highest ridge of the Aldeiron Peaks, looking down over the city of Samlein is the holdĀ of those who call themselves the “Lords of the Aldeiron Peaks”. 192 more words


[New Magic Item] Arachnid Amulet

Arachnid Amulet

With a shudder Navnen the thief dropped the creepy talisman into the pocket of the passing wizard. Valance sighed heavily, a hand reaching out in despair. 172 more words

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[New Magic Item] Fungal Staff of Sporecery

Fungal Staff of Sporecery

‘So you took a staff from a goblin, do you feel better about yourself?’ Chalk asked Valance.

‘Yeah….’ the priest of the Spider God said in a stupor. 306 more words

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