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[New Spell] Detect Gems and Precious Minerals

Detect Gems and Precious Minerals

Chalk and his companions walked into the inn to meet Knat the druidess. They found her talking to a trio of dwarfs. 181 more words

Labyrinth Lord

[Freebee] 20 bookplate spirits bound & ready [LL]

Two WIP are one WIP to much. At least, that is what some techniques of self-management try to tell me, but if I would listen to such concepts I would be part of the middle-management (or would at least be more understanding in regard to those who are). 56 more words


[New Monster] Hag, Gaunt

Hag, Gaunt

The worn and weary adventurers returned to the town, down three of their number. One of them stopped as they passed a sign and retrieved a dagger from his belt. 216 more words

Labyrinth Lord

Wet passages beneath White Crag

In the side of Merman’s Bluff beneath White Crag Fortress there is a small entrance into the rocky crag with a worked stone wharf leading into the dark choppy waters. 228 more words


[New Magic Item] Torch of Truth

The Torch of truth

Constable Nettles stood sternly, awaiting newcomers to the gate, a torch held high in his hands.

‘Ah, Valance, priest of the Spider god,’ the constable said. 185 more words

Labyrinth Lord

[New Monster] Cadaverous Grovot

Cadaverous Grovot

Hearing a muffled sound behind him, Stork turned. The sorcerer saw his illusionist traveling companion, Vistis the Blue Mage, suddenly struggling through a thick marsh, where just a few moments before he himself had stepped on dry land. 169 more words

Labyrinth Lord

White Crag Fortress

No more than a generation ago did Hender, Warlord of the Two Realms, build the white fortress at the end of Merman’s Bluff. A small and fiercely held chunk of white granite looking over the dark and choppy seas where once the local fisherfolk made deals with the merpeople of the Octopus Kingdom. 308 more words