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[New Magic Item] Wand of Three Dimensions

Wand of Three Dimensions

Koram was in a panic at the sight of the rust monster, it’s feathery feelers quested for his armor as the creature loped down the dungeon corridor. 148 more words

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Musings On The +1 Magic Item

As I have been writing up dungeons I have been thinking about magic loot, and magic items in general and their role in RPGs. First off, I read recently in an OSR forum a discussion about magic items with simple passive benefits,  such as the humble +1 sword. 500 more words

[New Magic Item] Stray Room

Stray Room

Navnen looked at the others.

‘So what do you think?’ the thief asked.

‘Nice, roomy, warm, this is travel,’ Koram said.

Chalk regarded the room’s interior. 192 more words

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Jando's Rock - The ruins of Hejmarko

I originally posted a map of the settlement at Jando’s Arch (officially the town of Hejmarko) back in December of 2015, and several comments across the various media sources commented on how the arch wouldn’t last long because of the river flowing across to the waterfall. 362 more words


Erweiterter Hexeintrag 0102 für die Küste des Sonnenuntergangs

0102: Die Stadt Valuria

3496 Menschen, 120 Hybriden, 100 Meeresgebüte

Fischfang, Handel, Sklaven

Die Stimme der Sonne (Mensch, männlich, TW 10, RK 9, BW 120‘, APR 1, S 1W4 (roter Obsidiandolch); ) 650 more words


[New Spell] Puddlejumper


‘Where’s your gnome?’ asked an enraged captain of the guard as he banged on the door of the small house on the edge of town. 204 more words

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The Goblin Cut Gold Mine

The old “Goblin Cut Gold Mine” is up in the hills, verging on what would traditionally be dwarf territory. But the lack of dwarven interest was appealing to the local lunatic when he found a small gold vein when hunting for some odd minerals required by the local apothecary. 431 more words