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[Friday Map] Hamel's Well

Many parts of the city are built up over the ruins of civilizations that claimed these lands in ages past. While some forget the roots of the city, others are forced to confront them on a daily basis. 315 more words


[New Monster] Vobagan


After zig zagging and going in the other direction, Chalk and his companions made it to the village of Desarth for the night. Immediately they noticed how quiet the villagers were and how they tried not to engage the adventurers in conversation. 322 more words

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Blogpost - Starflip and the Pirates of Pluto

Do you make maps and want to get involved with RpgGamerDad podcast? We’ve written an RPG adventure for kids and a basic starter-rules system to play by. 81 more words


[New Monster] Losparons


Stork crept deep into the labyrinth under the town of Bolki. A few twists and turns, a wrong choice at a fork, and eventually he found a dimly lit room. 270 more words

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[Tuesday Map] The Badlands of Slate

A final map in my trilogy of experiments using the Squarehex mega hex mapping paper (as I write this again, I realize I have no idea what the actual name of this paper is…) 270 more words


[New Magic Item] Lute of Thieves

Lute of Thieves

Silently the thief entered the room. He had been hard pressed to get this far, but the magical lute he bore with him had allowed him entry into this strange city and now into the wizard’s lair within. 249 more words

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