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Wygralak's Hole

The stony plains of Hesten are pierced here and there with deep near-vertical holes that reach down up to a few hundred feet and are almost all partially filled with stagnant water. 213 more words


[New Spell] Prey for You

Prey for You

The merchant adjusted the scales after getting caught.

‘My mistake, no hard feelings?’

Fellhorn the druid patted the merchant on the back. 138 more words

Swords & Sorcery

More LL combat tweaks

I got a lot of positive feedback on social media channels for my weapons rules, although a few commentators highlighted that polearms seemed too powerful. I’m ok with polearms being more effective that most other weapons in combat, but that should only be part of their value. 411 more words


[New Monster] Grisp


A half dozen small creatures flew down from the trees and attacked Chalk and his companions. Koram swung his Crystal Sword and downed one, Chalk cast a spell that dazed two while Navnen began stabbing with two daggers. 230 more words

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Some little structure maps

I occasionally draw maps of structures that are small enough that I feel awkward posting them as maps to the blog (mainly because I don’t want to feel like I’m short changing my patrons). 254 more words


Adding More Mortar to the Three Pillars

The Three Pillars of Adventure

Adventurers can try to do anything their players can imagine, but it can be helpful to talk about their activities in three broad categories: exploration, social interaction, and combat.

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Role-Playing Game

[New Magic Item] Jar of Daemons

Jar of daemons

Stork went through a bunch of pieces of parchment in the cabinet of the wizard he had just killed. Standing next to a tall jar he muttered a few of the words. 240 more words

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