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[New Magic Item] Devil In A Bottle

Devil In A Bottle

Valance, Navnen and Chalk nursed their hands from recently grabbing the bottle that contained the raucous imp. The small infernal creature laughed and laughed at the adventurers. 284 more words

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Rosnar Hill

The patriarch of the cult of the White Archons retired to a tiny little thorp built up around a small bridge over an almost equally small river. 253 more words


[New Magic Item] Stone of the Crone

Stone of the Crone

Stork noticed the youthful witch following Vistis the Blue Mage and himself for the last three hours and he was puzzled about her motives. 287 more words

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[New Spell] Where Enemies Tread

Where Enemies Tread

Navnen climbed in through a window, trying to look nonchalant.

‘Cross another wizard?’ Chalk asked casually.

‘Druid,’ muttered the thief.

‘That plant in the footprint spell? 145 more words

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Griffinwatch got its name from stories that the hilltop where it sits was once home a nest of griffons. Once a watch fort on the border between elven and human lands, Griffinwatch became redundant as the wars pushed back the elven empire and when many fortresses were moved primarily underground to defend against dragon strikes and elvish sorcery.  255 more words


[New Magic Item] Barrow Candle

Barrow Candle

‘There are skeletons everywhere,’ lamented Chalk. ‘We are never getting out of here.’

‘Don’t panic,’ Navnen said as he retrieved a large candle from under his cloak. 348 more words

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Monster for You: the Eternal Monk

Monster for You is a short series of blog posts with Labyrinth Lord(tm) compatible opponents and monsters. I started with the Golden Phoenix-Snake, and now continue with… 300 more words