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[New Magic Item] Wand of the Leech

Wand of the Leech

The young wizard, brimming with confidence, moved through the crowd, eyes on his target. He had practiced the word to control the wand in his hand many times. 308 more words

Labyrinth Lord

Four Demon Temple

At the edge of the woods behind the manor house is the old family tomb with stairs leading down to the crypts below. Except the stoneworks beneath are evidently not a family crypt. 311 more words


[New Spell] Into the Labyrinth's Centre

Into the Labyrinth’s Centre

The ogre mage’s warband was gaining ground, little by little. The adventurers were tiring.

‘What spells have you got left?’ Koram asked the spellcasters. 220 more words

Labyrinth Lord

Torch & Lantern Cards for B/X D&D

Many moons ago, the Dungeon Crawl Classics game was released and Kirin Robinson made new DCC character sheets based on my existing B/X D&D sheets. At the back of these sheets, he included a page of cards for tracking the remaining time for torches and lanterns (using the classic D&D 10-minute turns). 152 more words


[New Magic Item] Ring of Nature Spirit Communication

Ring of Nature Spirit Communication

As Fellhorn the druid and the elf watched, the gnome illusionist held a ring on his finger aloft and seemed to concentrate for a moment. 304 more words

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The Poisoner's Tower

The Poisoner keeps to himself and is a hard man to find. Few know that the studious sage in the tower outside of town is the old assassin and that the plants he grows are almost all poisonous, venomous, or both. 258 more words


[New Spell] Grant Mutation

Grant Mutation

Navnen stood in the thief’s guild’s darkest chambers. A half a dozen others were in the room, including a strange looking wizard.

‘Dalmus!’ called the guildmaster. 351 more words

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