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[Tuesday Map] Pregello Fortress

Along the wide banks of the Onur River are a number of small fortifications dating back to various Kale city states that were once the backbone of trade and travel along the river and the badlands to the east. 419 more words


[New Spell] Thunderstrike


Without warning someone appeared as if by a giant leap among the adventurers and a sudden thunderclap knocked everyone over.

Cursing, Valance glared at their attacker. 157 more words

Labyrinth Lord

[New Monster] Doff


‘Ready to go!’ one of the fly-men said. ‘All the supplies are packed.’

‘Thatnk you, Norg, we will be leaving shortly then,’ replied Jalviss Vonge. 276 more words

Labyrinth Lord

[Friday Map] Tavistock Manor

Again with the compass-derived maps this month, I bring you Tavistock Manor. A three-story manor house that seems perpetually for rent on the north side of the city. 119 more words


[New Monster] Dodalize (Hyperborean Halfling)

Dodalize (Hyperborean Halfling)

Valbus the sorcerer counted out a couple of dozen silver coins and handed them to the short creature.

‘Now this is a safe crossroads?’ the sorcerer inquired. 298 more words

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[New Monster] Velderag (Hyperborean Elf)

Velderag (Hyperborean Elf)

Merlak the Kimmerian fighter struck the velderag again harshly.

‘Talk, elf!’ he demanded as blood trickled out of the creature’s mouth.

Silence. 303 more words

Labyrinth Lord

[Tuesday Map] Lady White's Ruins

I often feel that dungeons should be damp, deserted, half-collapsed things. Thus we have Lady White’s Ruins – an old hillside structure, long ago razed by the marching forest army, and the structures that had been cut into the stone behind the ruins. 251 more words