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[New Magic Item] Brazier of Ulum-Esh

Brazier of Ulum-Esh

Thick bluish smoke wafted about the room, but didn’t cause either of the people in the room to choke.

‘Bulum medulo asle,’ chanted the sorceress as she shook a sacred die in her cupped hands and threw it on the ground before a kneeling Bakra-do. 221 more words

Swords & Sorcery

[Sunday Map] Kevin Campbell's Classic Dungeon Level 1

Another Kevin Campbell piece for this Sunday. My love of Kevin’s work includes his free approach to angles, building maps that are more rounded or triangular than the traditional grid-based dungeon maps we grow accustomed to in RPGs. 146 more words


[Friday Map] A Dungeon in 12 Parts

It’s been nearly six years since I posted my first geomorph to the blog as part of a series of 100 geomorphic posts (that since increased to who knows how many by the end). 168 more words


[New Spell] Spinner


The wizard finally stopped spinning and it took a few moments to gain his bearings.

Suddenly he was surrounded by thugs brandishing daggers and broken bottles with no time to snap off a spell, whoever had cast on him had timed it just right. 151 more words

Swords & Sorcery

Twelve Bodies in the Firmament of the Salt Flats

There are 12 moons of various sizes and shapes that grind across the firmament of the salt flats. During the day 1d12-6 (minimum of zero) will be visible and at night an additional d6 will make the trek across the stained heavens. 788 more words


[New Magic Item] Drum of Solidarity and Unraveling

The Drum of Solidarity and Unraveling

Chalk looked over and noticed Valance involuntarily tapping his finger, then he noticed a subtle deep beat, as of a huge drum being played far below ground, barely felt, barely audible. 271 more words

Swords & Sorcery

[Tuesday Map] The Redoubt

I drew this weird little cave/dungeon for a friend. I think the best comment on it during production is that it looks like entrails splattered on the ground, ready to be read by some crazy old coot. 174 more words