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[Tuesday Map] ReQuasqueton

Sometimes you find inspiration in another map. Initially I started drawing this map based only on three corridors, and somewhere along the way I realized that it was starting to feel like Quasqueton – the dungeon from the classic module “B1 In Search of the Unknown”. 293 more words


[New Spell] Necessary Herring

Necessary Herring

Stork and Vistis the Blue Mage chased after the slippery druid as best they can.

‘We cannot allow him to escape into the trees,’ hissed Stork. 236 more words

Labyrinth Lord

#RPGaDAY2015: Part Three, more of this

Day Six: Game most recently played?

That would have been Labyrinth Lord which I played a brief session of at Q-con 2015.

It’s another of those retro-style stripped down basic adventure experiences, attempting to capture the glory of the old school days; dungeons, monsters, fights in the dark! 351 more words


[New Spell] Betentacled


Valance ran to the tower, chased by the wizard Aldwo Boq. Before the priest of the Spider God realized it, the magic-user was upon him, aided by four tentacles that had erupted from Boq’s back moments ago. 132 more words

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[Friday Map] Scart's Descent

Introduced earlier this week,┬áLord Scart of the Hemron Coalition was a name-level fighter who took over a series of insanely meandering and twisting goblin warrens and converted them into his base of operations known as… 188 more words


[The Spell] The Enchanted Troupe

The Enchanted Troupe

Chalk whistled, Koram and Valance showed up.

‘Let’s do this,’ said the wizard, the others nodded.

Without further ado Chalk began a spell, ended it with: 196 more words

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[New Magic Item] Gong of Vasiv-Blor

Gong of Vasiv-Blor

Stork sounded the small gong and waited. Moments later four figures appeared. The first three were silent, but their leader looked the sorcerer in the eye and asked what he required. 190 more words

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