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[New Magic Item] Shamisen of the Spider

Shamisen of the Spider

The wily hobgoblin struck up a tune on the three-stringed instrument. Within moments a frighteningly huge spider crept into the firelight. 300 more words

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[New Race] Gnomes for B/X Labyrinth Lord

Gnomes (for D&D B/X or LL)

Gnomes are a short race of demi-humans, similar to dwarves, many often have long noses and full beards. They usually live in burrows or hollowed out trees in valleys, glades, hollows and some fields. 579 more words

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Garlough's Grisk Refinery

A key component in many healing potions is the dried remnants of the grisk – a mollusk with near-magical regenerative powers. Except of course it is a lot of trouble to get significant quantities of dried grisk… being that it is very hard to kill. 241 more words


By-Names for Dwarfs & the Dwarfs of Finvale

It is a new week, and thereby it was time for another release. I proudly present to you By-Names for Dwarfs. And as nobody reads my blog posts for my shameless house-advertising, I will take 20 example by-names and turn them into… 1,800 more words


[New Magic Item] Wand of Knots

Wand of Knots

Chalk and the others watched Navnen descend the small tower via a series of ropes tightly knotted together.

‘Is this how he got that one curse?’ Valance asked. 232 more words

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Bellfield Landings

Everything that can go wrong is going wrong in Bellfield Landings.

Something keeps digging up the graveyard and chewing on the bodies – except for the bodies that get upset about that kind of thing and start fighting back and then wandering into town wondering why they were buried in the first place. 313 more words


[New Spell] Curse-Hounded by the Dead

Curse-Hounded by the Dead

Navnen returned to the adventurer’s lair, three skeletons in tow.

‘Now what?’ Chalk asked.

‘Minor curse for breaking into the wizard’s tower at the edge of town,’ the thief replied. 213 more words

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