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[Circ├╗mflex] Slaughtering Holy Cows

A person with no fighting skill has a 50/50 chance of hurting someone with no armor at all.

A person with one level of fighting skill has a 50/50 chance of hitting someone with minimal armor. 467 more words


[Circ├╗mflex] Messing around with spellpoints in an OSR-style system

This last week I have been sick. With lots of time on my hands I have been working on a version of Labyrinth Lord that is more suited for playing on… 1,431 more words


[New Magic Item] Hat of the Goblin Archmage

Hat of the Goblin Archmage

Fellhorn rushed into the cottage.

‘Where’s the gnome?’ he growled.

The elf pointed towards a quivering shadow in the glow of the fireplace. 239 more words

Labyrinth Lord

the Mastervale Estate

Bearing obvious similarities to the mansion of the Dervel Merchants in blueridge, the Mastervale Estate is slightly more regular in shape and less alien in material – appearing at first glance to be made of grey stone. 364 more words


[New Spell] Weapon Curser

Weapon Curser

The quartet of adventurers rushed at the ogre magi. With a curl of its lip the creature cast a spell seemingly at random. 100 more words

Labyrinth Lord

Petty and Unknown Gods

A recent discussion of Tegel Manor (a classic third-party D&D module published by Judges Guild in ’77 that was a gonzo madhouse, but that has the best looking map of any adventure I had ever played) had me delve deep into my Judges Guild stuff (mostly looking for stuff with Jennell Jaquays’ name on it). 252 more words


The Court of Summer Wines

The Court of Summer Wines is a well-to-do establishment that offers a wide selection of wines imported from near and far as well as a fruits, breads and sweets to be paired with such. 308 more words