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Epic Labyrinth Finds at Truffle Shuffle

Whether it be the unforgettable tunes, or the Goblin King himself, Labyrinth is a Jim Henson classic that’s lasted the ages. Despite coming out over 3 decades ago, the film is still much loved and Labyrinth themed stuff is still sought out day. 119 more words


Top 5 Classics I've Never Seen

We’ve all been there, right? (Please nod your head silently with me, so that I don’t feel alone.) Somehow, someway, I’ve missed out on what I’ve been told are the BEST stories to watch. 832 more words

True love in the digital age

So I’m watching Once Upon a Time with my daughter, if you’re not familiar with it, it’s a mashup of all the Disney fairy tale characters moving between our world and fairy tale lands. 312 more words


How to make a Classical (Minoan) Labyrinth from a Medieval Labyrinth, Part 1

Quite simply: By leaving off the barriers in the minor axes. I have already tried this with the Chartres labyrinth (see related posts below). But is that also possible with every other Medieval labyrinth? 461 more words


food and me

I’ve been wanting to post in so long but I’ve been in such a strange mood and I’m irritated and sad and happy and grumpy and  not eating properly, the last one is nothing new I don’t eat when I’m stressed or sad which is more often than I’d like to admit. 218 more words


Two Become One

Day 194  July 13
In The Year of Living Honestly
In The Quarter of: Application
In The Month of: Exploration & Return

The Labyrinths of England and Great Britain are plentiful, historic and revolutionary. 856 more words

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