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An introduction to ‘The authors of Peter and Wendy and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass attempt to prevent Jacques Lacan’s theory of development with an overall intention to avoid adulthood.’

Peter and Wendy, Alice in Wonderland and Alice through the Looking Glass are well revered children’s books that on the surface represent adventure and innocence that entertain children and adults alike. 1,105 more words


On the logical use of the Sinthome, or, Joyce with Freud

The following was presented as an introduction to the first chapter of Lacan’s Seminar 23 at the Lacan Circle of Melbourne, 18/2/2017: 2,179 more words



Interesting to see the film Jackie yesterday. Jackie being what one might call an ‘empty signifier’ not because she was an ‘empty person’ but because she represented something for millions of people or rather Jackie became a pure signifier that had nothing to do with a the person. 208 more words


Lacan And Critical Race Theory: Team Ninja's Nioh And Whitewashing

Edmund Burke’s statement, that ‘the only thing required for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing’, is one of the great idiomatic touchstones of Western ideological fantasy. 1,889 more words

Critical Theory

Žižek and the Disintegration of the Big Other and its Return. Note Quote.

One key aspect of the universalization of reflexivity is the resulting desintegration of the big Other, the communal network of social institutions, customs and laws. For Žižek, the big Other was always dead, in the sense that it never existed in the first place as a material thing. 679 more words


I am neythyr eretyke ne loller

I’m trapped in a sea of my own language, descent into madness virtually, digitally, inevitable.

I cannot write, nor record, for both offer a permanence, but one offers a sickening imperviousness to decay. 403 more words

Definitely Not Straight