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Do you also have an elderly uncle which, at family gatherings, keeps on telling you “I feel I’m withering away, you’ll see, a couple more month and its cancer for me!”. 804 more words



Aztec war machine Thumpermonkey releases its Electricity EP on October 13 and will precede the launch with a show at Our Black Heart in Camden on… 163 more words

How Car Companies Deny You Orgasm: A Psychoanalytical Approach.

I just wanted to do a quick analysis of the difference between car scenes (or more broadly, collision scenes) in film  vs. car commercials. The basic distinction is their relationship to orgasm ( 265 more words

Da l'orrore e il sublime di Alien a Covenant come vero prequel

Attenzione: questo post svela numerosi aspetti della trama dei film Alien e Alien: Covenant.


L’analisi lacaniana di Zizek

Ne L’oggetto sublime dell’ideologia, Slavoj Žižek ha introdotto un’interessante analogia fra lo Xenomorph di… 1,483 more words


Lacan's l'Encéphale papers I: 'Detective Story' (1928). An unauthorised translation by me.

‘Detective Story. From Chronic Hallucinatory Delirium to Imaginary Delusion.’

Presented by MM. Lévy-Valensy, P. Meignant and J. Lacan at the Société de psychiatrie; published in… 739 more words


The camera eye

Replaces the incomplete retina

Continual advancement

Of a scene

Kubrick shot one hundred times

Over and over

With candles

For Barry Lyndon’s… 44 more words