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Double, double, treble trouble

My Coast blanket is finished and I am soooooooooo happy with it. :-) It is soft and ripply and colourful and gorgeous and I just want to wrap myself up in it – which, given the current weather, would be a pretty unintelligent thing to do. 881 more words

a making process

At 5am, before sunrise, I wake immediately thinking about my making process – what it is and why. I thought it was the middle of the night because it was still not light at all but when I looked at the time, it made it acceptable to get up and develop the thoughts I was thinking.   479 more words

Lace Knitting

Heather Laminaria.

I love heather blooms. Heathers here in Ireland are just so pretty come autumn.
The hills would be covered in it and the different shades of purple and pink would just cascade over the landscape. 314 more words


A Lacy Day

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– a day when I don’t feel like doing much, so I pick up pins and/or needles and do some lace knitting. 216 more words

Bohemian Flower

The need to knit

Having reduced my woolly projects sensibly (and unusually!) to one – the crochet Coast blanket – it’s amazing how much progress I made over a couple of weeks. 1,611 more words

Festival of FOs

This was a week of getting things done!  It was a tough slog of a week in the work sense, but somehow or the other I managed to finish off some knitting over the course of it.   168 more words


The Last Straw, Upcycled

I was on a longish flight from point A to point B, with no project to work on, because I checked most of my stuff in an attempt to travel super light. 277 more words

Bohemian Flower