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Pumpkin Eaters

That is what my generation used to call CHEATERS. Not people who commit adultery. I speak of people who constantly cheat at any type of game. 333 more words


Lesson 4: Make me

February 17, 2014

Obligation is something that I have never liked. I despise having to do something just because I ‘have to’ or for no apparent reason. 1,013 more words

I Want To Fail

Day Five of the Blog Challenge: Something I wish I did better

 I wish I were a better cook.  You know, the kind of cook who is confident and at ease in the kitchen.  The kind who can add a little of this and a little of that, creating something delicious as if by magic.  302 more words

The art of sewing

I laugh at myself, fairly often I must say and I will tell you why. As I was walking Jack for the third time this afternoon; I was thinking about what to write for today’s post. 429 more words

Day 23: Something You Need.

Man I was so tired and demotivated before drawing this. I guess I managed to channel my “UGH WHY” into this drawing as you can tell from the… questionable drawing skills. 59 more words


Day 297 of 365 is a regression

It’s so strange. Today I felt so inspired, and yet somehow the photos don’t translate. I was having a good time, messing around in the garden, but I couldn’t seem to execute the vision in my head. 202 more words

Photo 365

What is moderation?

 There is a study that shows that alcohol does not actually contribute to weight gain, that it could even promote weight loss in women by boosting the metabolism.  147 more words