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My Body Ain't Happy

Yep, I can feel it for the last hour or so – my body is hating me soooooo much right now. Why you ask? Well, after trying to get adjusted to a somewhat “normal” work schedule (and sleep schedule) for about 2 weeks, I’m back to my evening shift…and back to staying up until the show is over, going to bed around midnight/12:30 and not getting up until 8:30/9am. 176 more words

Monday, you're you.....so let's just talk about running and ish.

11 miles down….

This bruised lbg put on her big girl panties and got her run on yesterday. After biting the dust hard core on Monday, I took a few days off for my knee and leg to heal up a bit. 312 more words


Dear Sons, Go To Sleep

Dear Sons,

I am writing this letter after my second cup of coffee, and will need to break for my third before I’m done. I am hoping that the third cup of coffee will bring me to the point of feeling half-way awake, and less like a truck ran over me in the night. 958 more words

Family Fun

ONE HUNDRED TWENTY SEVEN...I am a broken sprinkler system

I have had more people come up to me this week in public places to tell me

1. to enjoy my kids while they are so young… 337 more words



I woke up this morning in a wet spot.  Before you finish that smirk, you should know that the “wet spot” being referred to here was due to the fact that my husband and I are currently bed-sharing with our wee little one, who likes to wee a lot.  847 more words

Working Mom

5 things you should consider when delving into entrepreneurial.

When you hear the word “entrepreneur” do you immediately think of those folks on Shark Tank that sit back and make decisions about who to fund?   825 more words

Images In Bloom

Cranky Day

Cranky day

I didn’t sleep last night, not well anyways. I went to bed around 0100 and then woke up around 0400, went back to sleep, and then woke up when my alarm went off at 0630. 722 more words