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16 weeks pregnant update

So ….. yeah if you go on antibiotics and are on the pill too please use extra contraception as the doctor failed to let us know antibiotics can effect the pill and now I’m pregnant !! 226 more words

Are you sleeping..?

Apparently today is World Sleep Day, and you could be forgiven for thinking that I’ve fallen into a long deep sleep considering my lack of posting here over the past week. 172 more words


weight, dna and other stuff

I bet you thought I had vanished! Well, I didn’t. My kid got sick, got him on antibiotics, then he shared the love with me, and it kicked me as hard as a donkey’s kick on my lovely heiny! 700 more words

Lacks of Sleep

For Better Sleep Month, Consider How Abortion Causes Women Sleeping Disorders.

By Amy Sobie

May kicks off a month-long educational event known as Better Sleep Month. 444 more words

Lack Of Sleep

At the Mercy of the Two Year Old

So Many Changes:

In life we all go through many series of changes. Some are personal, some environmental, some emotional, others are just thrusted upon us and we have to roll with the punches. 1,352 more words

Servants of The Clock

Hello, beans of all kinds! Tonight’s post is brought to you by The Clock, our human comprehension overlord. ;) Hey, y’all! Not only is it our overlord, it kind of gets in the way sometimes and flies way too fast when you wish all it would do is slow down. 282 more words

ACG Is Weirdo Who Demands Some Things Get Categorized While Claiming To Dislike Labeling


I’m quite sure that I enjoy pulling all-nighters because it’s the closest thing to getting high that I do these days. (For the record, I stopped smoking pot/getting high a decade ago. 668 more words