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Restful Sleep Is So Crucial... Yet So Far Away

One of the things I’ve learned over the last few years is that restful sleep is so crucial to my mental health. If I don’t have a good night’s sleep I am extremely vulnerable to my emotions, especially where my depression is concerned. 115 more words

Mental Illness

Jesse the Cat - Part 2

While Jesse usually stays put in Jameson’s room overnight, for whatever reason, he decided he needed to come hang out with Marty and I.  In our bedroom, under our bed.  1,035 more words


Being a Mum is Hard But Rewarding

I grew up as an only child at home with just my mum. I had a biological father living in Ireland, but he was never part of my life until my mum passed away when I was a teenager. 732 more words

Stay At Home

Lack of Sleep

As finals begin to approach, many students are losing more and more sleep from studying and staying up late to catch up on late assignments. After reading an article on NY Times about insomnia, the inability to sleep, it allowed me to realize how common it is for a student to stay up all night studying or even just on their phone. 77 more words


Grant me the Serenity

Little comic I made inspired by last night’s events. Also, if you’d like to help fund my study abroad trip. Go check out my Patreon! #SendAshleytoItaly

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How to live a night like an insomniac?

Start by tossing and turning.
Rearrange your pillows twelve times.
Try laying on your left side, then right, then back to left, then on your belly, then vampire style, then back to the left. 537 more words

Daily Inkings

Parent Problems: Why can't my five-year-old get to Sleep?

My five-year-old doesn’t sleep well at all!

The last three weeks have been much worse.  I think it’s been the excitement of Christmas at first.  He’s quite active and he’s had a break from all of his clubs; football and swimming.   719 more words