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Teething and the 3 minute nap.

Ahh, Friday! Or do I mean FriYay? No, I mean Friday.. no yay about it.

My beautiful son was such bug help at getting my day started but unfortunately he thought I wanted a 5 AM wakeup call, but no, I certainly did not. 422 more words


Swing Time

I had been working until around 11 pm last night on my assignment. This had been an accident sort of caused by my husband, whom I married so I would have someone to blame for everything. 597 more words



Rich’s eyes water from fatigue, the bags under his eyes are dark from weeks of not being able to sleep through the night. The sleep specialist he had finally gone to see gave him specific instructions to reset his circadian clock. 455 more words


Toddler Tired

Can we talk about Toddlers?
Mine is a couple sleeps away from 2.

And I’m tired.

No one is lying to you when they tell you that you’ll never rest again once you have kids. 459 more words

Present Day


Today is the day that my fitness band broke. Not stopped working, not ‘became faulty’ but legitimately snapped in half.

So that marks the end of my year long fitness band journey! 175 more words


Weird dreams

Have you ever had a dreams where it didn’t make sense at all and felt so real? 193 more words

Random Thoughts


When you care about someone’s health

But you don’t know what to say

When you want to hold and hug someone

To keep the nightmares at bay… 31 more words