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Effects of Sleep on your Health

Not Sleeping Enough can be Deadly: 

In this fast moving world, as the pace of life gets faster and faster, people try to squeeze more time to make up the day. 1,923 more words


Friday letters

Oh, hey! So apparently it’s Friday already? This week has gone far too fast!

Let’s have some letters:

Dear trees. You’re so pretty right now! I love walking into my living room and seeing yellow beside the balcony, or looking out of my office window to see orange and red. 173 more words


Where there is smoke there is fire

On the journey of self discovery and healing, I have paid much attention to knowing exactly what my triggers are.  It has been an arduous task. 744 more words



It’s not always not being able to sleep that is the worst. Sometimes, and more often than not, it’s what happens when you do sleep. I’ve had nightmares for as long as I can remember. 866 more words

The Importance Of Sleep

Originally posted 06/03/16

Sleep is such an important aid to keeping the Black Dog at bay. With even just a couple of hours of good sleep the battle to stay positive or to keep everything in perspective is so much easier. 965 more words

Internal Turmoil

The Gift of Time: What Mummy Really Wants for Christmas!

Some peace and bloody quiet! What I really really want this year, and I know the hubby would agree, is time. The gift of flipping time! 477 more words


Time warp

Annoyingly, it still has not happened. Last night, I got into bed and lay my head on the pillow with a huge sense of relief. I had around five and a half hours before I would have to get up and start work again. 411 more words