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What happens when we don't sleep enough!

In the past few months I have been extremely busy reinventing myself and launching Yuly360. The effort has me running on all cylinders –  non-stop… to the extent that I want to utilize every waking minute to work and develop my ideas… After several back to back weeks of intense 20 hour shifts I definitely felt changes in my aptitude, my speed to process thoughts and my overall energy levels.   298 more words

I Can't Sleep

I’ve tried to disconnect, I’ve tried to watch something boring, I’ve tried reading, I’ve tried it all. My main problem is not falling asleep for the first time, but the second. 269 more words

Miscellaneous Writing

Why do women have a harder time sleeping than men?

Author: Susan Rinkunas, Science of Us
Published: January 4, 2016

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services suggests insomnia is more common in women than men. 597 more words

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Daily Challenge: Day 8

Since I missed a lot last week, i decided to just pick up where I left off instead of try to play catch up.

Photo… 72 more words


"I have babies and don’t get enough sleep - how can I feel good then? "

You always have the choice of feeling a little better or feeling a little worse than you do right now – no matter the circumstances. … 186 more words

How To Allow

Morning Cold

gravel grit soreness

scraped through the tiny passages

bone aching through skin

sliding nausea down an unwilling throat

unwelcome it bounces back up

pain puddles in eye hollows… 65 more words

Poetic Words

A Perfect Day.

My Granddaughter, Hope, the night of her prom.

A wonderful thing happened. I couldn’t sleep one night, for various reasons, and I was still awake at 9:00am. 221 more words

Belle Unruh