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Thoughts of the week of June 19, 2017

I’ve had so much to say lately, yet I’ve had so little time to say it. I realized earlier today that I just had a pile of Post-It notes of ideas on my desk. 486 more words

Why Pain Can Take Over Your Life and How to Stop It

Nobody expects pain to last forever. Yet some sufferers can find their pain never subsides. This can lead to a wide range of physical and psychological problems. 508 more words


That Monster Energy Drink Tho' || Blog #001

I lived off of Monster energy drink and Pringles BBQ chips all day. FYI, I hardly drink energy drinks. I’m usually a health nut. However, today or as of the past two weeks, I’m running super low on energy and don’t think I’m in the right state of mind. 349 more words


SLEEP - we must have it!

I am on day 19 today and just completed a two day cleanse. It was rough. I struggled to sleep both nights I was cleansing. It was broken sleep, only a couple of hours at a time and some napping on the couch. 872 more words

What's Worked?

Lack of Sleep

Today I am suffering the effects of lack of sleep.  It was probably 3am before I got to sleep last night or should I say this morning.  396 more words


Heat Hades: I'll be relieved when it's cooler...


Yesterday was hard for me – and for many others too. Today? Even harder. I can quite see why the Underworld Realms were given extremes of flaming heat in ancient mythologies, and why roasting of humans is an archetypal religious punishment. 793 more words

Creative Writing

Go The F*ck To Sleep

Do you ever just watch as the clock tick by, seconds turn into minutes and try not to think about anything and just get some rest? 691 more words