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When The Battle Lines Are Drawn

‘Morning.’ Papa B shuffles through to the kitchen where I’ve just started to make school lunches. I’m irritated because when the kids came in at 4:45 this morning, he pretended not to wake up. 751 more words

On the Road with Snow and Sleep Deprivation

As part of my duties as the Executive Director of a professional non-profit – the National Organization of Trusted Advisors – I have been traveling to Denver, Colorado on a regular basis to attend chapter meetings, meet with the membership, and handle a variety of miscellaneous tasks on behalf of both the local chapters and the national organization. 926 more words


5 things your children will have destroyed before their 5th birthday

1. Sleep

Okay, so we’re starting with the obvious. But I’m pretty much discounting the first 2 years of your children’s lives when the lack of sleep can be brutal. 1,493 more words


Postpartum Brain Fog

Brain Fog:  It’s a thing.  I am now two months postpartum and I have experienced brain fog in its many forms.  It has gotten to the point that I sometimes have a hard time thinking of words when I am having a conversation.   624 more words


Tips for surviving the aftermath of an all nighter

1. COFFEE!!! Try to drink caffeine when you need it like before a class or an important meeting.
2. Black sabbath (or any rock and roll) listening to loud music will keep your mind from falling asleep. 181 more words


Peace, Patience, and Sickness?

This blog is not about some ultra shiny hey-look-at-me I’m a perfect Christian type of blog.  No, it’s a blog about the real lives of a small Christian family.  660 more words

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