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Eye Was Totally Misunderstood

I am now plagued by headaches, due to the endless eye spasms.  What started in just one eye has now spread to the other, so both of them are wreaking havoc. 280 more words


Blessed are those who sleep soundly. Seriously. I haven’t been having the best time sleeping of late. M and myself have very different sleeping likes and dislikes. 232 more words



i keep meaning to blog more often and every day i look over at the computer and go, “eh, i’ll do it in a little bit. 700 more words


Things left for us, stays for us forever.

Possessiveness means having a desire or wants to own. This feeling is caused only when the person feels unsecure or confusion on a relationship. 120 more words


Learning to sleep again (without pills)

Sleep problems are common and unhealthy too. Lack of sleep impacts on alertness, cognition, productivity, safety, learning and our mood. It is associated with hypertension and depression. 518 more words

Health Tips

Sleep! It's worth your while

I love love love my sleep…. I just haven’t always known it. I used to think that sleep was irritating and a waste of time, I would minimize it as much as possible to be able to get my work out in the morning and to go out for dinner with friends until late. 653 more words


I've been pretty busy...

I have.

It’s coming to the end of another University year. I have assignments coming out my ears, all of which I feel a resentful hatred towards as they seem to all be from modules I really don’t enjoy. 381 more words