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Today I woke up to my phone prompting me to write my next post. Ah yes, another one of my many commitments. WordPress suggested I write about my teenage idol, but I’m pretty positive Lindsay Lohan is irrelevant to what’s going on in my life at present.. 172 more words

Dear Sleep. I Miss You!

I knew I would be tired as a parent. I think anyone who thinks they are going to be this bright eyed, bushy tailed parent is being unrealistic. 440 more words


Lack of Sleep and Losing Confidence...

So lately since I’ve been off Spring Break I’ve had to try and regulate my sleeping patterns but it hasn’t quite happened, I mean – I’m staying up far too late than anyone should and my anxieties have begun presenting themselves once more… last night I went on a rant of some sort to one friend, and now I have ranted to another friend I probably should not have… 83 more words


I've almost conquered sleep again!

So, for the first time in a long time, I’ve had an almost full night’s sleep. I woke up once, but I refused to get up, and fell asleep quite quickly afterwards. 24 more words

Mental Health

the headache

You can only take so much of some things.

Some things are genuinely good, great…but are lacking

once used, overused, and misused.



 podcasts, 146 more words

Eye Was Totally Misunderstood

I am now plagued by headaches, due to the endless eye spasms.  What started in just one eye has now spread to the other, so both of them are wreaking havoc. 280 more words