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Preparation Counts if Sleep is Lost

Day 207

NO MATTER HOW many times she rubbed her eyes, they still ached. Water, like dry tears left behind after one has cried, squeezed out of them. 170 more words

Adbat Writes

fucking pissed off II

Fucking pissed off II

I received a text from my sister. She can’t make the time tomorrow for the oxygen assholes so guess who is going in her place?? 535 more words



I am trying to remember the last time that I felt fully refreshed and 100% awake, and truthfully I cannot remember. Every morning I wake up for work slightly groggy and wishing I could turn over and go back to sleep. 188 more words


Not to go all James Taylor, Bees do poop, and other odd things

I’ve seen fire,

And I’ve seen rain.

It’s hard to see in the picture the slow steady rain. Best day to burn the fallen trees. We will put some minerals back into the earth. 254 more words


6 Things No One Tells You About the First Night Home With Your Baby

When people find out you’re having a baby, they love to give you advice. 5% of it is helpful and 95% is completely ridiculous. Nonetheless, the advice keeps pouring in and even though you try to ignore it, some of it filters through and leaves you wondering, … 1,436 more words

Today has been anxious, but more positive

My mother visits on a Saturday, every Saturday and usually takes the kids out, but today hasn’t been wonderful with the weather as it’s been quite cold, raining and then showering us with hailstones. 675 more words

Sweet Slumber, I Miss Thee

Tending a baby squirrel is such hard work.  It’s like having a new baby in the house again.  The difference is that I’m much older now than when my children were born.   577 more words