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Hopeless Romantic, part three

Love won’t fix my problems

Breaking a bone is better than spraining one. Why? Because it’s quicker to heal. And ether way, the healing process will occur and you won’t feel pain.

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Hopeless Autistic

Being Around Autistics All the Time = Segregation and Congregation

Are you trying to seriously tell me that its akin to being on The Titanic and let’s stay together because we are going to drain down together?!

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Hopeless Autistic

Suu Kyi’s failure to acknowledge the persecution of Rohingya Muslims

    Dr. Ali Al-Ghamdi

OPINION   NEWS  May 11, 2017

Suu Kyi’s failure to acknowledge the persecution of Rohingya Muslims                                                            

Thursday, 11 May 2017 Last Update: Thursday, 11 May 2017 KSA 14:39 – GMT 11:39… 1,041 more words


Breaking Glass: Shattering Shock and Foggy Mind...

Yesterday, I had to break my car’s passenger window because my keys were locked inside. This was done safely, with the help of an RAC man – but the whole thing triggered bad memories… 495 more words

Daily Prompt

Overcoming the Faith Barrier

God called Moses to do a great work for Him that would also bless the Israelites. Moses’ response to this awesome invitation was to offer excuses for why he couldn’t obey. 70 more words



I was hurt

To gain advantage

You came running to give me a bandage.

I turned around

You sneaked inside without making a sound.

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Relationship Killers

Apologies for the lack of posts, March has been very eventful.. my brothers one year anniversary of his passing, I got promoted to executive director at the non-profit I work for (currently working on a huge self-care/love initiative for June), I wrote a poetry book (finally, in its editing phase) and I got accepted into my grad school program of choice! 238 more words