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I was hurt

To gain advantage

You came running to give me a bandage.

I turned around

You sneaked inside without making a sound.

Filling your pockets… 32 more words


Relationship Killers

Apologies for the lack of posts, March has been very eventful.. my brothers one year anniversary of his passing, I got promoted to executive director at the non-profit I work for (currently working on a huge self-care/love initiative for June), I wrote a poetry book (finally, in its editing phase) and I got accepted into my grad school program of choice! 238 more words


Making History


Holding Onto the Dream with Stories of Overcoming Obstacles.

All of us know someone who has risked it all for a better life – personal. 35 more words

Gina M.

Gina M, (Raw-G artistic name), 32, Oakland, CA, Born Guadalajara, Mexico

I learned English from listening to hip-hop when I first came to live with my sister in California in 1999. 498 more words


DD, 28, New York City, Born in Belize

With the help of my aunt who is my adopted mom, I have made a life for myself and my two-year-old daughter in Manhattan. 275 more words

Anthony N.

Anthony N, 26, Los Angeles, CA, Born in Philippines

Brought to the states when I was 11, I never asked about my immigration status. My family didn’t discuss it. 226 more words

Edilisa L.- Kidnapping Survivor

Edilsa L, 23, Austin, Texas, Born in Guatemala

It’s a very hard story to tell, even now after 10 years. I was 13, caring for my siblings in Guatemala, when I was kidnapped and separated from them. 521 more words