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Questions To Ask Yourself To Know If You Have Trust Issues

​ lot of people have trust issues but you can’t blame them, some jerk in the past (both male and female) probably did them strong ‘tin’ and ruined it for everyone in their future. 414 more words


... The Coin of the Realm is Trust [#Campaign 2016]...

.. and in 2016 , the shoe will be on the other foot …

.. any DemoCrap running for President in 2016 will have to deal with the policies and the legacy of Obama . 60 more words

Personal Opinion

Hiding Behind Fall

My slippered feet shuffled outside this morning, with cup a’ coffee in my grip. The sun peeked through the trees at me. I raised my cup in cheer and gave a toast and smile. 106 more words

Not a Cancer Patient

This past weekend I went to a get together with some of my friends that I hadn’t really seen in a little while, along with some new faces that I quickly grew very fond of. 572 more words


Child Psychology and Parenting - Trust in the relationship

Every parent loves his children but in many cases misunderstanding, hand feelings, and open conflict occur between parent and child, making it seem that just love is not sufficient to produce a happy parent – child relationship, so arises the most important question what else is needed ? 638 more words

Child Development

Readers and the Referendum

In distant memory, there was a time when readers were unknown beings. They bought your paper, watched your shows. Some of them wrote to the editor, but unless you were the poor soul solely responsible for the readers’ letters, you rarely caught a glimpse of what they thought, liked or disliked. 961 more words