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Random Musing #27.

Lately, there has been so much sad news over the air waves. News of domestic violence within the confines of marriage. As I ponder of  Love ,life and marital bliss. 139 more words

Random Musing

I took my sister for an early morning drive
the sun came up asked me, “Son…
why can’t you look me in the eyes?”
I said, “Though you’re beautiful, you’re the reason that I see; 31 more words



The word forgiveness is the hardest, most difficult thing to do. Can you truly forgive someone who betrayed you? Have you ever had someone stab you in the back,the front and between the eyes? 375 more words

Life Is A Game of Chess

I agree to the rules and conditions
and to better myself and my friends.
Desire, ability, effort; internal burning passion.
I smile big and take a seat behind white… 314 more words


Women Vs. Men

Women say that most men act like dogs
I agree, after deep and metaphoric thought.
Ignore us and for your attention we will beg
love us and we try to stick our head between your legs. 96 more words



Most men are easy to get
Some men play hard to get
A few men are not playing
Will someone play me in chess?