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I cannot and will not be with you...

The most hurtful words that have ever been said to me. They hurt more than I don’t love you. He cannot get past April. I ruined his trust, because I said I don’t want to get married, because I left, because I took the dog and went to my parents and didn’t call when I got there. 412 more words

When GA is violated, what do you have?

I do not feel safe in GA.

I still do not feel safe a month after a vicious attack (verbal) by a fellow gambler.

“Nancy” (pseudonym) has completed her stint at the local recovery house and has returned home (in another state). 640 more words

Lack Of Trust

Lack of Trust in the Iran Nuclear Deal

Certainly the stakes are high in the recently brokered Iran Nuclear Deal, now the subject of much debate and Monday Morning Quarterbacking.

(See, https://karpmediation.wordpress.com/2012/05/26/the-monday-morning-quarterback/ ) 348 more words


The Spotlight Is On Me

Today I was released from jail

and the sun felt foreign.

It burns like the eye of my father,

of which I can locate without looking.


... The Coin of the Realm is Trust [#Campaign 2016]...

.. and in 2016 , the shoe will be on the other foot …

.. any DemoCrap running for President in 2016 will have to deal with the policies and the legacy of Obama . 60 more words

Personal Opinion

Hunting Ferguson’s Cop Shooter in a Town That Doesn’t Trust Cops


The media descend as authorities launch a manhunt for whoever shot two police officers, but how eager to help will long-suffering residents be?
In the 200-plus days since Michael Brown was shot to death in Ferguson, Missouri, not a single cop took a bullet during any of the resulting mayhem until Wednesday night, when two officers were wounded by gunfire outside the city’s police headquarters. 687 more words

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🚫Shut Down

Sadness does not want
the sun to break forth so it
keeps you on shut down