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Betrayal Stings

A betrayal stings.

Trust takes to the wind flying.

Hurting says goodbye.

My Poetry Corner


I make it almost impossible for anyone to help me and herein lies the crux at the heart of all of my problems. I truly believe that in order to be a fulfilled human being one must not only… 1,165 more words

Surviving Child Abuse

When lack of trust impedes GA recovery

What to do when someone in a GA group rubs you the wrong way? Or you dislike the person and/or the feeling is mutual?

And, to complicate matters, what to do when that person is not “merely” a member but a facilitator of meetings? 653 more words

Lack Of Trust Of GA Member

Most Americans Support Government Action on Climate Change.

The poll found that 83% of Americans, including 61% of Republicans and 86% of independents, say that if nothing is done to reduce emissions, global warming will be a very or somewhat serious problem in the future. 387 more words


Screaming in silence...

Dear diary,

What do you write when you’re screaming on the inside? How do you get that emotion out in writing? How do you manage, when there is no one you can talk to, no one that you trust enough to tell what really is going on inside your head? 313 more words


Healing – Day 13: Choice Choices

Let me start off by apologizing in advance to those of you who are vegetarians or vegans. Or who don’t eat red meat. Tonight is a night for meat as metaphor. 483 more words