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I don’t feel inspired I just feel tired

These days just seem to drag on longer

Waiting for something to happen

Anything a change

A chance… 459 more words


In retrospect, the mist was always there. He just wasn’t capable of realizing it then. Be it a tree or an avalanch, he will always see what is absent. 116 more words


Educational Kids' TV? Overrated


As I attempt to watch one more day of “educational” kids TV with my nephews whilst keeping them busy (out of trouble), I am unable to resist the urge to fuss and fume.  173 more words

Concerns And Alerts

Lacking Mobility

My phone is always charging,

Plugged into the wall,

I wouldn’t call it mobile,

In no way, not all at.



There are days where I feel enlivened and encouraged to go above and beyond for all of my goals in writing and in all other aspects of my life. 78 more words


Searching For Something Substantial

The stock market goes up and then drops down. Jobs come and then they go. Families come together, and unfortunately, some break up. Addictions destroy lives and our stress levels continue to rise. 400 more words


Harder than Hardcore

Title lacking frenzy
waking up to cold sweats and deep chills
Intense heat overdrive
the flesh is working overtime
for nothing really but pleasure

Sometimes… 69 more words