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Integrity in Business




disregarding karma…

deliberately dishonest…

there is a story behind all of this

but it is a story that cannot be shared in a loving manner… 44 more words


lacking of the turn

casting of the


and how it looked

and what it  pretends

and how it was the


and what it would rather

and its own compelling… 47 more words


Lost That Loving Feeling?

Another vacation down, and we are back to life as normal. Although it was sad to leave the carefree and relaxing vacation existence, it was so vitally important to take time out from life as normal to refresh, restore, revive us and our marriage. 242 more words

Hip Hop Probs Episode 1

On the newest show Produced by Melly Starz, she teams up with local experts to discuss topics related to what they feel is lacking in the Miami Hip Hop community. 111 more words


One writes of scars healed, a loose parallel to the pathology of the skin, but there is no such thing in the life of an individual.

65 more words
Book Quotes

beautiful people

knowing so many beautiful people
I feel lost
while walking moving and talking
amongst so many figures of
grey crumpled paper
which rustle relentlessly but… 141 more words


What Happened With Skulls and Shackles?

Before I get into our Skulls and Shackles Pathfinder Adventure Card Game allow me to share with you one of the funniest sights from today: while shopping at Meijer’s (local Big Box store for those who do not know) I watched an elderly woman grab a copy of the Unrated 50 Shades of Gray off the shelf and hightail down the aisle. 549 more words

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