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Design: revamping a bathroom

I don’t know about other new build properties, but in my mind, the bathrooms in my house are a disaster. They offer zero┬ástorage space and didn’t even come with anywhere to hang towels! 865 more words


November 12

One of the greatest weaknesses in most of us is our lack of faith in ourselves.

-Elder Perry


I Want You

Step nearby as your eye,

suggests ‘we’ll slay the dragon,’

fingertips tease my why,

while desire maneuvers reason.


Let me know your dizzy

is meant to stir my nature, 84 more words


Lacking Nothing

Be content with what you have
Rejoice in the way things are
When you realize there is nothing lacking
The whole world belongs to you.



There Is More Than Enough

How many times do we look for more? We’re looking for just the right rug to go in the living room, or the right guest towels, welcome mat, throw pillow. 271 more words



There are points in our lives here we all need a little bit of help. I am in one of those places now. I don’t like asking anyone for money, but I have no other choice. 40 more words


Down the unimaginative lane in trash town.

Creativity is playing hard to get and coffee is rearranging everything inside my head for now. I just realized that i might have spent my entire day Joyriding a Jet-pack on my cell phone and right now I couldn’t care less. 55 more words