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Down the unimaginative lane in trash town.

Creativity is playing hard to get and coffee is rearranging everything inside my head for now. I just realized that i might have spent my entire day Joyriding a Jet-pack on my cell phone and right now I couldn’t care less. 55 more words

How To: Let Go

For goodness sake, do not validate your importance to any individual who does not see it for themselves.

There is no “right time” for anything, so please, include or exclude whomever you deem fit. 49 more words


You Lack One Thing

You still lack ONE Thing.  sell Everything you have and give to the poor and you will have treasure in Heaven.  Then come and follow me. 953 more words

Jim Goforth

Are Your Students Lacking Motivation? Here's 5 Strategies to Help Them

Developing conditions in an online classroom that are conducive to learning is challenging enough for instructors but then add to that the need to help students stay motivated and interested in the class, and their work is becomes even more time consuming and difficult to manage.

55 more words

Never Open.

I could never be kind enough to her
Because she never let me in
Never opened up significantly
To build that connection
Of feeling, and knowing… 26 more words


Has Anyone Tried Gofundme?

I m lacking money for a certificate program which would support me and make it possible to break completely free from my abuser. Has anyone in a similar situation tried fundraising online? 14 more words


One always thinks emptiness has something to do with lacking. Until you meet someone who might lose at a trade. Only because he/she may be in the habit of giving more than taking. 41 more words