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Most people have heard of the term “godless,” and many “think” they know what this term means.  But what I am about to share with you… is not generally known. 385 more words

Special Education

Current Updates

This month I had full intentions of writing at least one creative post every week. I had complete intentions. But then work went and gave me some really shitty hours. 521 more words



Yo how’s it going?

I’m that one guy that posted about doing original content last year and only released two crappy mail openings and a bad trial deck opening. 743 more words

Cardfight Vanguard

Is the Essential Phone’s version of Android too stock and lacking of features? [Poll]

(Source: 9to5google.com)

The Essential Phone is all about keeping true to the company’s name by shipping with only the essentials. This means that the version of Android that ships with the handset is more stock than the build that runs on the… 209 more words


“ Endless ” ~ hope and its misses ~

Of boundless hope

And as many misses,

Be mindful of scope

Said life’s caprices,

We forever grope

Beyond ambitious,

Till ‘tis contrary

To fates chose dishes, 23 more words

My Poetry

Desert or wilderness


Dear Saints,

Sometimes people come to you and start to pray and prophecy over you and you just know that they are doing so out of what they think they perceive of your circumstances. 689 more words