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Lacking by Blair Gaulton 

A lack of reliable accurate politically unbiased information skews consideration.
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)June 2017


A Simple Matter

Of wanting,

Wanting to know the truth
no, not the one that my heart
wanted me to believe,

It lies, you see
trying its best to deceive… 64 more words



My left is your right is my wrong
And we are standing on the same side of the street

Half and Half

Why do people see the glass as half empty when it is half full? Why is there a negative side to the glass’s fullness? Why can’t it simply to filled and left at that? 230 more words



Have you ever had someone make you ¬†SO ANGRY that you see red? Okay, maybe that’s just a tad bit dramatic. But on a serious note, have you ever had someone make you so angry that you started to shake? 317 more words