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52 Week Challenge~Week 18


  Again with a late post, and that calls for a fake apology. It’s officially Spring now, so that’s nice. Thinking about it now, I really have nothing to write about. 51 more words

Almost Empty

Endless filler.

Needed apart.

Subjective intimacy.


Ghostly Relationship.

You hold me, with absent arms
You touch me, with infrequent fingers
You kiss me, with lips afar
You miss me, as I fall through you

(17 March 2015)



I know what is right for me now and what isn’t, but clearly didn’t click quick enough to be capable of escaping weather quiet this rough now I’m stuck debating on whether I’ll be tough enough to see myself through the storm when my primary thought is wishing I’d never been born. 36 more words

Last-gen FIFA 15 and how I feel cheated.

I’m a big fan of the FIFA series. I might not be able to tackle to save my life and my brother’s unnatural skill regularly makes me want to bang my head against the wall, but the victory dance that inevitably follows my winning usually makes up for it. 233 more words

Searching for my interest

Many of you who take an interest in my life through WordPress or other channels, will know that me and my girlfriend separated just over a month ago now, and all was fine, reality kept itself away from me and I was reasonably satisfied with myself, you know, not particularly happy but not massively down. 224 more words


At a Loss for Words

It only took a total of four days to tire out my creativity muscle. I knew it was a little out of shape, but wow. I’ve been thinking all day that maybe going for a run or doing some yoga or something (because my body is also a little out of shape) might give it some energy to wake back up, but all I’ve been doing is thinking about it. 124 more words