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593: Enough

What is enough?

What is excess – what is not enough?

Can I trust this yearning inside that tells me

yes, this is lacking, and no, that is surfeit? 56 more words



You may have opened this Blog out of curiosity, wondering what I want you to give. And if you will just give me your attention for the next 3 minutes, instead of asking you to give something I will tell you what you can get… 380 more words

How to Find What You're Looking For (By Noticing Where, or What, It's Not)

To think that I’d actually be writing two posts so close to each other must mean I have a lot on my mind. But to be honest, I always have a lot on my mind. 2,261 more words

Musings Of A Meek Maniac

I have become: <

The less than sign is a symbol of inequality

used to compare values.

And I can feel myself bending into this.

I have somehow become less than. 91 more words


It is definitely falling out of my ass. That’s for sure.

And while I may be able to pull out wrath or bitchiness, pulling out confidence is like making a movie whose plot isn’t predictable: so hard to come by.

Day By Day

In Spite Of

I’ve written about my favorite lacking excuse before.  I would be, would have, or would do, if only.  I would be content, if only . . 181 more words

Life Happens