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That Old Bitch, Writer's Block.

I see a lot of myself in my youngest child. According to my mom, she is bright — definitely the brightest child I have ever encountered — but my mom says I did everything my daughter does now much sooner when I was young. 434 more words


You're not alone.

I had a conversation today with someone and they told me that they don’t feel any normal human emotion on a daily basis. This concept just is not easy to comprehend at first. 211 more words

Assuming the White Identity

Questioning Liberal Academia

This blog post explores the premise that whiteness is the assumed idea of the human in academic spaces, and that whiteness is the underlying relationship between all races and genders and bodies. 472 more words

Medical marijuana efficacy for PTSD lacking evidence, says doctor

Many veterans are simply turning to cannabis to ease symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder, despite concerns about successful weed is at treating the problem from the health care community. 132 more words

Meet My Needs.

Meeting Needs.
Recently I was reading an article about reason marriages withstand and reasons they fail. #3 hit me hard.

3) Because one person cannot meet all your needs.

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Sameness Suffering

Phone in hand and rain pattering its journey upon and down my slinging glass door, I found myself with that all too familiar feeling of dissatisfaction. 514 more words



In a nutshell, I slacked, and that was chaotic. I either couldn’t come up with what I was going to take a picture of, or I was lazy, or I was throwing up into a trash can. 214 more words