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Has Anyone Tried Gofundme?

I m lacking money for a certificate program which would support me and make it possible to break completely free from my abuser. Has anyone in a similar situation tried fundraising online? 14 more words


One always thinks emptiness has something to do with lacking. Until you meet someone who might lose at a trade. Only because he/she may be in the habit of giving more than taking. 41 more words

380 days left

Oooooh the pressure is on!! It’s been almost two weeks after I left my work placement and what have I been doing? Well I attended Buddhist meetings, went to the gym 4 days in a row, and going to Whitby to experience the seaside :) Since last time it was 465 days left, but within those days all I can say is madness haha! 359 more words

My Life (人生)

i lost vegas (and i lost the receipt)


baby, we’re displays
statues to space
empty atoms


“happy birthday i bought you a coffin!”

she calls and repeats after me: “i’m not destined to become a boring suburbanite. 57 more words

Free Association

Millennials Lacking Adequate Info on Financial Risk of Student Loans

A recent report shows 56 percent of millennials with current or past student loans have delayed major life events because of their debt, compared with 43 percent of older adults, according to a new Bankrate.com study. 27 more words

Feeling Frustrated

I’m not feeling too hot about tomorrow’s weigh in. Last week I stayed the same from the week prior and this week I’m afraid to admit that it’ll probably be the same if not worse. 133 more words


What has God done to us that we should despise him so wholeheartedly?   Even among those who call themselves by the name of his Holy and Righteous Son, they despise him and give him less then what is complete.  133 more words