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America’s sexualization of breasts is so pervasive even other women think public breastfeeding is gross

This piece was originally published on Qz.com on August 16, 2016.

Mila Kunis’ recent admission that she’s been shamed for breastfeeding in public is only the latest addition to a compendium of similar stories. 716 more words

Maureen Shaw

Lactivism and its discontents

Breast feeding is a loaded word. Those who do are labeled ‘lactivists’ and those who don’t are labeled ‘lazy’ or even worse, ‘bad mothers’. Unfortunately arrogance and a feeling of superiority come naturally and easily to many of us.  1,413 more words

New Mom Woes

that time we were arrested by a big hospital and it was totally worth it...(part 1)

It was what we had decided would be a great way to celebrate “World Breastfeeding Week”, 2005.

Birth Without Boundaries had just been founded several months earlier, and had been successful in our first “Nurse In” (the title that was used by the first wave of “Lactivists” – we since decided to change it to “breastfeeding awareness event”) that we held at a local Clear Channel Entertainment building after a news producer had stated on air that he would be uncomfortable if a woman were to breastfeed her baby publicly near him (this was on the heels of a Barbara Walters’ comment on “The View” which had provoked a Nurse In earlier that year at the ABC studios in NYC). 2,429 more words

Portrait: Stacy

Please share with me why you chose to participate.

I want to participate because I would like a momento of this time in our life together.   137 more words


Portrait: Amber

Please share with me why you chose to participate.

I would love to have a professional photograph of my daughter nursing. I also believe that this project should be supported. 127 more words


Portrait: Emily

Please share with me why you chose to participate.

Breastfeeding is a gift.  I didn’t know that when I was pregnant, but now I often find myself looking down at my little girl and marveling at what we are sharing – love, intimacy, nourishment, growth.   136 more words